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4 Top Fixes For Steam Games Not Launching

Steam is like a one-stop station for all gamers since numerous categories of games are available here. Isn’t it frustrating when you get a few hours from your busy schedule and you want to play your favorite game with your buddies but steam won`t run it? But the worst part is probably you don’t know what to do in that situation right? Don’t worry we got you.

So whenever steam doesn’t act like itself and doesn’t run your game properly just follow these steps:

1. Remove ClintRegistry.blob File For a Fresh One

At times steam will tell you that your game is launching but in reality, it won`t. So the easiest fix for this problem is to delete the Client Registry file. This file contains important game data which may get corrupt and deleting it will force steam to generate the new blob file.

Before deleting this file, you have to stop the steam client bootstrapper from the task manager. After that just go to the steam directory and delete the clientRegistry.blob file and restart your computer. After restarting, Go to the steam directory again and run steamerrorreporter and it will regenerate the same working blop file to run your game properly.

2. Verify Game Integrity

If game any file gets corrupt the steam will allow you to verify the Game Integrity so steam can know about the corrupt file. After identifying the file, Steam will delete the old one and regenerate the new one on its own. This process is very easy and requires very less time to fix your game.

To verify the game integrity you first have to go to the Steam Library folder. Find the game which is not launching and click on its properties. Go to the local files and ‘Verify the integrity of game files’, we have demonstrated it below. The procedure will not take more than 7 minutes and once the process is done you are good to go for the launch hopefully.

3. Use The Compatibility Mode

This is a widely popular method of running your games or apps without any crashes. This fix is fairly easy and requires no time and skills to run your games properly.

To run steam games on compatibility mode, Go to the Steam Game folder and find the game. After that right-click on its icon and go to the properties where you will find the compatibility mode. Go to Compatibility mode and run the game in it and save changes. Finally, just launch the game to try your luck again in running it properly.

4. Check for Graphics Drivers Update

Many steam games won’t launch if your graphics card drivers are not compatible or outdated. Check for gaming drivers every now and then to ensure a seamless gaming experience.

For the driver’s update, Go to the Device Manager and click on Display Adapters. Right-click on Graphics Drivers and press on driver update just like shown below. After that, your drivers will be automatically updated.

After you are done just go again to the steam game and try launching it, Your issue should be fixed by now. If it doesn`t it is time for you to reinstall the game from scratch which will almost always fix the issues.


When steam is not able to launch the game, Mostly the game files are to blame, and rectifying those files will solve your issue we have told you above how to do that. If your game is still not launching after trying all the fixes, It is time for you to reinstall the game all over again. Reinstalling the game almost always rectifies the relevant issue and launches your game without any problem.

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