The 5 Best Apps to Customize Windows 11 Appearance

You bought a laptop with efficient working capacity and a bonus of new Windows 11 installed with various enhanced features and personalized and stylish changes.

But how to fully draw on the windows 11 appearance? You can do so by customization. So, in this article, we will suggest the five best apps to customize windows 11 appearance.

Using the different Microsoft store apps, you can customize the taskbar, desktop, and more on Windows 11.

5 Best Apps to Customise Windows 11 Appearance

Here is the rundown on 5 apps that can help you in the customization of Windows 11 far even better than before.

Rounded TB


RoundedTB is an amazing application to modify the appearance of Windows. With its latest update, it has brought a lot of astonishing features that may include:

  • You can add adjusted corners, sections, and edges to your taskbar in Windows 11.
  • Moreover, you can easily change the application’s settings sheet by re-opening it from the Start.
  • Other than that, you can likewise empower the dynamic mode to allow it to naturally resize your taskbar and oblige the number of symbols in it.



BeWidgets is a free Microsoft Store application for Windows 11. You can do various types of customization using it:

  • Using BeWidgets, you can make various types of shortcut apps on the main screen such as photos, time, date, and note shortcuts, etc.
  • Besides this, you can alter the height, width, text style, text dimension, and many more display features of the app.
  • It likewise allows you to modify some application related choices like startup choices, topics, highlight tone, etc.

Lively Wallpaper

Lively Wallpaper

Lively Wallpaper is another free Microsoft Software. Here is what you can do using it:

  • It essentially allows you to add lively and colourful wallpapers to upgrade the look and feel of your work area on your laptop.
  • In addition, you can add downpours, nightfall, liquids recreation, slope, waves, triangles and lights, and more eye-satisfying energized backdrops to the main page or on all apps.
  • You can also review, erase, alter, and play out a few different activities on a backdrop.



Tweak your taskbar of Windows 11 amazingly using TaskbarEffectLT.

  • You can utilize it to continually change the shade of your taskbar.
  • It allows you to choose lower, current, and upper taskbar colours according to your inclinations.
  • Also, you can get hard drives and organizers access on various tabs inside a similar window.


Files - File Manager for Windows

File Explorer is replaced by the Files – a new application having a variety of upgraded features.

  • Using this, you can find and browse different folders catalogues, envelopes, and documents on different drives. It shows cloud drives, network drives, libraries, and favourites on the sidebar.
  • You can likewise alter the format mode to details, tiles, small icons, and medium icons, and make new RTF, docs, PPTC, and jpeg, directly on Files.
  • Moreover, you can observe highlights like preview panel, dual-pane view, set external applications, tab customization, and settings of date and themes, etc.

Tweak it Skillfully!

Hence, you got to know about the 5 best apps to customize windows 11 appearance. All of these customization applications are simple to use. It depends upon which you use and how you enhance the appearance of Windows 11 for the better. Let us know in the comments which one you prefer!

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