5 Best Laptop Docking Stations To Use With Linux

A list of good docking stations for your laptop that could work perfectly well with Linux.

Docking stations are extremely important while you are using Linux. For the docking stations to work well, we require to install drivers first to have a better experience. Keep your Linux OS updated as the new Linux kernels mostly consist of the drivers that make docking stations operate better. As for the drivers, the website link is attached with each item.

5 Best Laptop Docking Stations To Use With Linux

1. Anker Docking Station

The Anker Docking Station has excellent features that would be really liked by Linux users. Having awesome networking connectivity it also includes USB-C charging, USB-C data, 4K display support, and even integrated MicroSD and SD card support. It just has one con that its charging feature does not work with all laptops. But that does not make a lot of difference.


  • It consists of many helpful USB ports with all of the USB-C ports included.
  • It comes with a laptop-charging 85-watt USB-C port, as well as an 18-watt power delivery USB-C port, as well as a USB-C data port.
  • It has excellent SDcard and MicroSD card connectivity support.
  • It supports 4k DisplayPort connectivity, as well as 2 4K HDMI ports.
  • Supports audio in/out.
  • Built-in gigabit ethernet


  • The charging feature may not work on all laptops.

2. Plugable USB C Docking Station

The next one is the Plugable USB C docking station. It also includes great features like 3 USB 3.0 front panel ports that make it easy to access the front audio ports to its rear Rear 60-watt USB-C port. It could be used for charging the device and fast ethernet connectivity. The only issue which you could face is that the USB-C port might not charge on all laptop models.


  • For easy headphone and microphone connectivity, it has an amazing feature if front audio out snd in ports.
  • Sports 3 USB 3.0 ports on the front panel. It could help for easy storage access.
  • It has a fast ethernet port on the back to give your laptop a wired connection.
  • Single HDMI port gives users up to 4k resolution at 30Hz and 2560×1600 and below at 60Hz.
  • Rear 60-watt USB-C port that can be used to charge your device while connected to the docking station.
  • It consists of two rear USB 2.0 ports for connecting devices so the user would not need high-speed data transfer.


  • The USB-C port may not support charging on all laptop models.

3. Dell Display Docking Station.

Dell Display docking station is the best choice for a Dell Linux Laptop. It comes with great features including three displays at 4k resolution (2 via 4K HDMI and one via Display port) support for USB-A (9-pin), gigabit ethernet, etc. Keep one thing in mind that this might not work with non-Dell Laptops.


  • It supports three displays at 4k resolution (2 via 4K HDMI and one via Display port.)
  • It has a gigabit ethernet port on the rear for LAN connectivity.
  • Front combo audio-in/out port for combo-port headsets as well as headphones.
  • It works especially great with Dell laptops such as Inspiron 15 7567 Gaming, 5459; Latitude 13 7350. XPS 13, etc.
  • Three fast USB 3.0 slots on the front and a quick 9-pin USB-A port on the back for printers and other devices that support USB-A.


  • It may not work with non-Dell laptops.
  • The device comes with zero USB-C ports or USB-C charging capabilities.

4. ASUS Docking Station

With a different appearance, The Asus docking station is a laptop stand that also functions as a dock. It also has excellent Linux support and some great features such as dedicated DVI and HDMI, gigabit ethernet, USB 3.0 ports, etc. It does not however have DisplayPort support.


  • The device has a dedicated rear audio-in and audio-out ports for microphone and headphones/speaker connectivity.
  • It has two fast USB 3.0 ports on the side for fast USB data transfers.
  • The slim, laptop-friendly design allows users to rest their computers directly on the dock, rather than a square box on your desk, like many other docking stations.
  • Dedicated DVI and HDMI ports allow for a dual-screen setup (up to 4K).
  • The device supports USB-C connectivity.
  • It has support for Gigabit ethernet.


  • No DisplayPort support.
  • It only has two USB ports.
  • USB-C port doesn’t support charging.

5. StarTech Docking Station

The StarTech docking station is another excellent dock for Linux users to check out. It offers a lot of features. It is a bit pricy. But worth it. It comes with a 60 Wat USB-C charging port and supports two DisplayPort inputs for high-quality 4K 60 FPS screen performance. And it also consists of a front-panel audio-in/audio-out combo port and support for fast, Gigabit ethernet connectivity. Its USB-C charging capability not compatible with every laptop.


  • The docking station has two rear USB 3.0 10 Gbps ports and two rear USB-C data ports.
  • It has a front-panel audio-in/audio-out combo port.
  • Support for fast, Gigabit ethernet connectivity.
  • It comes with a 60 Wat USB-C charging port.
  • The device supports two DisplayPort inputs for high-quality 4K 60 FPS screen performance.


  • USB-C charging capability not compatible with every laptop.
  • No HDMI ports mean users will need to convert DisplayPort to HDMI if they do not have DisplayPort monitors.

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