5 Best VPN Apps for iPhone at School to Bypass WiFi Restrictions

Virtual Private Network (VPN) stretches private network all over the public areas. Doesn’t it agitate you when you can’t access the web freely while you are in school premises? I’m sure we’ve all been there but here’s an easy solution knows as VPN. Our schools usually block some of the sites they don’t want students to access in school, but, VPN allows you to access any blocked site anywhere and anytime.

Here, in this article you’ll come across the best iOS VPN Apps you can use to get rid of WiFi restrictions imposed by your school administration. Using this, you’ll be able to use all restricted websites.

5 Best VPN Apps for iPhone at School to Bypass WiFi Restrictions


It is one the most famous VPNs. Cause of it’s popularity is the result of it providing a friendly environment for users and allows them to access each and every blocked site. It also helps prevent any intruders like hackers. It provides full security to your network and data by infusing certain passwords and emails.

IPVanish acts as a shield between unauthorized users intruding into your network and keeps them away. Due to all such incentives it costs a price. Now, it’s your choice to select if it’s the right VPN you are looking for.



Here’s another top VPN which provides you a facility, that is, it hiding your IP address and your exact location. It offers unique encryption of your data keeping it secure. This VPN can handle huge loads of data which makes it a lot better for the users. It is an extremely secure VPN. It is available for Windows, ios and as well as Android. Due to all these amazing features it costs different for the packages you choose you avail.

It is one of the best VPN apps.



If you are concerned about your security while surfing the web, Nord VPN is the best you could choose. It assures you that your data will be protected while you are using this app and no intruders would be able to hack your data. It provides us with a feature like double encryption. Yes, you read it right, it provides double encryption. It codes your data one time and then codes it again. It runs apps fast a bullet, just like a cheetah on the run. You can connect one or more devices to it with a single account. It is available for Windows, ios and Android. It’s cost varies depending on the service you select.

It is considered one of the most secure VPN.



Easily annoyed by annoying ads? All you need to do is install this VPN. It blocks all the ads and malware content that usually pops up on your screen while you’re using internet. It offers no traffic delays as it has no bandwidth limitation. PIA is the best app for unblocking every website. It helps a user access all the desired websites easily.

Cherry on top, if you’re scared of your identity being disclosed and you getting into trouble because of it, you don’t need to worry. Because this VPN provides a unique feature that hides your identity.


It is the fastest VPN app you would ever come across. Most of the VPNs take time to connect to the device but safer VPN connects to the device within no time. In addition to it, all the unwanted data is omitted so no further data is lost and no hackers can intrude into your personal data.

In need of help at 4am? Don’t worry, this service provides 24/7 costumer care. You can contact them anytime and they’ll reply as soon as they get your message. Due to it being costumer friendly it has it’s tarrifs.


After all you’ve read, it’s entirely your choice to choose the best VPN for you decice that’s according to your needs.


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