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5 Best Ways to Address Windows 11 Can’t Detect Headphones

Especially for Millenials and Gen Z, Headphones have become one of the essentials of life. All the utilities of a headphone go in vain when your device cannot recognize it. Although it does not usually happen, recently many complaints have emerged in this matter. 

For this type of problem to occur, there could be a range of reasons. Some might relate to hardware and some with software. In any case, we got you covered. Read along to articles to know different reasons and solutions. 

Get ready to know 5 Best Ways to Address Windows 11 Can’t detect Headphones. 

Check if Headphones are damaged 

Before applying any solution, make sure that your headphone is fully intact. This precaution can save you a lot of your time and energy. 

Firstly, check the headphones closely to see for any external damages. If the damage can be fixed, like a broken wire. Fix it with tape or hot glue and see if it works. Still, it doesn’t work, which means it’s time to get a new one. 

However, if the damage is not external, check damages internally. You can do this by connecting your headphones to some other device. If it works there, it means the problem is in your device. Other than that, try cleaning the headphone jack. 

Run Troubleshoot to know the problem 

A troubleshooter can come in handy when the problem is unknown. Instead of beating around the bush, let the system tell you what’s bothering it. If the problem is in system jurisdiction, it will solve it. However, if it is not, still it will tell you what is bothering it. 

  • To run the Troubleshoot, open Settings from the Start menu.
  • Access System there and click on Troubleshoot.

  • There you will find the Other troubleshoot option. Click on it.
  • There you will find separate troubleshooting for Audio. Run it. 

  • If the problem is not solved, follow the instructions given by the Troubleshoot. 

Enable playback device

There might be the case that the playback device got disabled on your PC. This disability will result in your unavailability of the headphone option. To check it you will have to: 

  • Select a Sound setting from the taskbar by right-clicking on it. 

  • There you will find the option More Sound Setting. 
  • Under the first panel, you will find all the audio output options available. Enable your headphone if it is disabled there,

Update Audio drivers 

If all the other options are enabled and working fine, it means the problem is with drivers. Most of the time Windows disables a function to provoke us to download the latest drivers. On the other hand, it might be possible that you got yourself an old version of the driver from the start. In any case, follow these steps to update it:

  • Open the Device Manager by searching it from the start menu in the Taskbar. 
  • Locate Sound, video, and game controls.
  • Expand it and update every panel one by one.

  • From there onwards, follow the instructions of the system to update the drivers.
  • Restart your Pc to see if the problem of Windows 11 can’t detect headphones is fixed. 

Update Windows 11

There might be a universal glitch in Windows that is resolved on the next update. Keep an eye out for any new updates and download them as soon as possible. You can find it from the settings then on the left-hand side under the window updates panel. There is a chance that not only your problem will be solved, but it might also get better than before. 

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