5 Important Things You Should Do Selling Your Android Phone

Well if you’re about to sell your Android phone it should be simple right? And for most parts, it is if you know the proper steps. If you don’t forget not we’ve got you back. We’ll the last thing we actually do is reset the phone, but actually that should be the last thing you should be doing before selling.

Let’s dig in,

Step One, Taking Backup

The most important thing is taking a backup for all your important data. Including your contacts, pictures, videos, documents and downloads. Fortunately, there are fairly easy ways to do all of this. If you’re backing up Photos you maybe using Google Photos because it will automatically synchronize Photos for web interface as well, If you’re looking for getting the original result of photos then you might be using premium Google Photos service. It uses a sort of “smart” compression algorithm to keep the backed up files looking as good as possible (and it does an excellent job). The only exception to this rule is the Google Pixel, which gets unlimited backups at original resolution for free.

The same goes for documents and downloads—if you have important files saved to your phone, you can plug your phone up to the computer and pull the files over USB to store them on your computer. Alternatively, you can also upload these files to Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other cloud storage platform you use. This way, you have access to all these files regardless of what platform you’re on.

Lastly, let’s talk about call logs and text messages. Some users want to keep this stuff for future reference, which is fine. There are actually a number of options here, so instead of giving full breakdowns of each, I’ll just link you our topics on the best ways of doing this:

5 Important Things You Should Do Selling Your Android Phone

Step Two, Encrypt Your Data

This may appear somewhat interesting, yet it’s never an awful thought to encrypt your Android phone before you shoot an reset setting. Why? Since a reset may not expel 100% of your information, and there are really methods for recovering said information with specific instruments. It’s kinda frightening.

With a specific end goal to ensure those abandoned record sections are difficult to reach to anybody, you’ll need to encode your information. On the off chance that anybody attempted to see extra documents on the capacity, they’d simply discover drivel.

5 Important Things You Should Do Selling Your Android Phone

Step Three (Optional), Unenroll from the Android Beta (Nexus and Pixel Devices Only)

This one will just apply to specific individuals, however in the event that you’re one of those individuals, this progression is urgent. On the off chance that you’ve enlisted the gadget in the Android Beta program, you’ll need to unenroll it before you offer it, since this isn’t attached to your Google record—it’s fixing to the gadget itself. On the off chance that you have no clue what I’m discussing at this moment, you can most likely avoid this progression.

The reason you’ll need to unenroll is in reality twofold:

  • On the off chance that you leave the gadget selected, it will stay on the beta channel for the new proprietor, and they may not need that.
  • On the off chance that you unenroll the gadget after you’ve sold it, it will play out a compulsory reset on the gadget, which can be an enormous issue for the new proprietor.
  • So no doubt, unenroll it now. To do this, simply go to the Android Beta site and tap the “Unenroll Device” catch beside the gadget. Blast, done.

Step Four, Perform a Full Factory Reset

Finally, you’ll need to reset the gadget to set it back to its processing plant state. This will eradicate everything on the gadget—including the SD card substance if pertinent—and set it back in a new out-of-the-container state.

While the real procedure of doing this may differ somewhat between makers, it’s still moderately direct no matter how you look at it. The no-nonsense how-to is fundamentally this: make a beeline for Settings > Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset

Step Five, Selling 😀

No really, that’s it. Go on and sell that thing.


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