5 Pro Secrets to Improve Aiming For FPS Games

FPS gaming requires a technical approach to excel in it. Therefore, if you want to be a pro-FPS gamer, you should know the tips and tricks that Pro gamers use. Before you start learning these secrets, keep in mind that it is a time-consuming process. To improve aiming for FPS games, one has to be consistent with a hunger to learn. There is no such thing as overnight success.

Aiming in FPS games does not have one dynamic. Instead, it needs a collective strategy that has to be in place all the time. In this scenario, to Improve Aiming for FPS Games, You need to have the right setting, the right technique, and a recoil pattern. Furthermore, having overall game sense and practice plays a key role in aiming.

Let’s discuss all of them one by one.

The Right Settings

In all FPS or first-person shooter games, a quick reaction is needed to counter any sudden enemy assault. This means that you will have to make sudden movements. Here, sensitivity comes into play. Your mouse sensitivity shouldn’t be too much that you are not able to aim stable. On the other hand, it does not be too little that you cannot do sudden movements.

Apart from these, the crosshair size and other graphic settings are also important. There are no fixed answers here about them as everybody has different preferences. However, the key is to choose a setting and stick to it. So that, you get used to it.

The Right Technique

To be a better aimer, you should always to ready for action. This means that you should systematically clear areas while you walk. There should be a standard of procedure in place while you enter any active firing site.

Moreover, you should always aim for the head. In this way, you will kill your enemy in less time. Your crosshair should be at height of your head all the time, even while walking or camping. In this way, you will save the time to drag your crosshair at the head, any time you see the enemy.

Recoil pattern

Every gun has a different recoil pattern in every game. If you cannot control recoil, you can never be good at aiming. Therefore, before jumping directly into the official matches, you should practice with guns to know their pattern.

Not every time your tapping will help you. Most of the time, you will have to spray at close-range adversary. When you will have complete command of the recoil, you can aim perfectly without wasting time and bullets.

Overall game sense

If you get your hands on all the technical aspects of FPS games, but without game sense, you will not excel. Having game sense means knowing the critical angles and predicting enemies’ movements.

Plus, you should also be able to manipulate your adversary and keep them guessing. The number one rule here is not to be panicked. when you are calm and composed, then you can think better.  You should know when a person will peak and at what angle. SO accordingly, you should have your crosshair there.


To get a grasp over the game sense, you should have extensive knowledge about maps and players’ behavior. These things can only be achieved through extensive practice. As we all know the saying says, Practice makes the men perfect.

However, the random and clueless gaming experiences cannot improve aiming for FPS games.  You should be mindful of your strategies and try to minimize your mistakes. Experiment with different approaches and find the one that best works for you.

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