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7 Ways To Reduce Data Usage On PC Windows 10

When connected to the internet, Windows 10 helps you to get the best out of your computer system. No matter if it is costly to others because of its demand in the market. So during usage, you should know how much data windows 10 is using and how to reduce this data usage on the PC.

No matter if you have limited internet plans, these methods are still useful. It’s all about you noticing that your windows 10 PC utilizes way too much data than usual. To use your internet plan wisely you should also reduce data usage on your PC. Here are some ways to reduce how much data your PC uses.

1. Use Metered Connection

Using metered connection is one of the easiest ways to make your computer uses less data as compared to its normal consumption. When we use a metered connection, it suspends all excessive data-consuming activities like automatic updates of systems that are running without any permission appearing. So in this way, we can reduce data usage on PC. There are a few steps by which we can make our internet connection metered:

  1. Open the windows Setting menu.
  2. Press the option of Network and internet.
  3. The window will show you the internet connection i.e wifi or ethernet, for changing this to metered connection click on Change network properties.
  4. Now scroll to the metered connection area, there you will find an on-off option of Set as metered connection, turn it on, and now you are connected to a metered connection.

2. By Restricting Background Data

Actually, Windows 10 is designed to use your internet data to install and update certain Windows Store apps. If we left this unrestricted, this background app update can consume a huge limit of your internet plan. Follow the given steps to restrict background data.

  1. Open the Windows Settings menu.
  2. Press Network and internet
  3. Click Data Usage.
  4. Drag down to the background data section and click Never to restrict the background usage of data by the windows store.

3. By Setting Data Limit

Setting a data limit on your Windows 10 PC is a brilliant way to reduce data usage on the PC. You can set a weekly, or monthly data limit. So in this way you are in total control of your PC’s data consumption. When you set the data limit before your windows 10 is also set to metered connection could further help to reduce data usage. Follow the given steps to set data limits on your Windows 10 PC.

  1. Go to Network and Internet.
  2. Click on Data Usage.
  3. In the data, the limit area clicks on the Enter limit button.
  4. Select the data limit type you want to set on Windows 10 (You can only set monthly, one-time, or unlimited data limits).

4. Turn Off Background Apps

In the case of Windows 10, background apps remain active all the time, these are the ones that even if closed, still consume the internet silently showing that they are no more in usage. This also causes your battery to lower more rapidly as compared to normal battery timing.

Turning off background apps will not only save your battery timing but also fasten your system workings.

Here’s the procedure to turn off background apps.

  1. Open the window Setting menu.
  2. Press on the Privacy option.
  3. Drag to the bottom left and click Background apps.
  4. Press Let apps run in the background option to turn it off (Disables background apps). You can also turn off selected apps from running in the background. However, the functioning of relevant apps won’t be affected.
  5. Drag to choose which apps can run in the background and then turn apps off that you don’t want to run in the background.

5. Disable Setting Synchronization

The moment you sign in to your Microsoft account on your PC, Windows 10 operating system syncs the system’s settings to the other computers you signed into. If you want to save your data, you must disable this setting and use it only when you need to sync your settings to other devices. By doing this you will see the visible difference in your data usage as it reduces data usage in windows 10 pc. Follow the given steps to get done with it.

  1. Open the Windows Setting menu.
  2. Click on Accounts.
  3. Press Sync your settings option.
  4. Turn off the Sync settings option.

6. By Turning off Microsoft Store Auto Update

Turning off Microsoft auto-update also contributes to less usage of data on windows 10 PC. Microsoft stores are set to update automatically so they use data in windows 10. This is bad for your system and as well as for the data limitation that you made for less data consumption. There are a few ways through which you can disable this action of auto-update. You can also directly disable auto-update within the Microsoft store. Follow the given steps to get done with this.

  1. Open your computer’s Microsoft store.
  2. After opening the home page press the profile icon menu icon in the upper right corner and click on App Settings.
  3. Turn off the updates automatically option.

7. By Pausing Window Updates

As we know windows updates are necessary because they help in better performance of your system and fix bugs also. These updates are huge and consume more than normal internet on windows 10 PC. There are dates given for the update of windows. So a better way to reduce data usage in windows 10 is to pause window updates till a later date of update and perform them when you have a wifi or ethernet connection. Follow the mentioned steps to get done with it.

  1. Open up your system’s Windows Setting menu.
  2. Click on the Updates and Security option.
  3. After entering in windows update page click on Advanced options from the right side.
  4. In the pause update area, press Pause until the drop-down button to select a date you want to enter for the next update.


If your PC is using too much data then you are always going to end up with no data at all for useful purposes. It’s better to set limits for data so that the background apps do not use extra data. After a thorough analysis, we have listed 7 ways to help you out with your data consumption issues. You can apply all of these methods to reduce the data usage of your PC.

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