A Guide to Xbox Co-pilot Mode

The new copilot feature on Xbox One allows two users to share a controller. They can do this by merging the information from two controllers. Thus, allowing them to control the same player together on-screen, and play as one.

Due to this feature, people with disabilities can play more effectively. Those who require help with specific tasks can turn what might otherwise be a difficult activity into a cooperative one. Hence, the “Co-pilot” provides support to the “Pilot”.

Why Use Co-Pilot Mode

This option was designed for players who require assistance sometimes throughout the game and can rely on their teammates.

The pilot is the person who enables the Co-pilot on his control. The pilot is the one who earns all of the game’s achievements and scores. However, the other user is the so-called co-pilot. The co-pilot will not receive any achievements or scores on their account during the game.

The purpose of the Co-pilot mode is to help a struggling player in completing challenging areas of a game. The co-pilot feature is particularly useful if you are playing with children or players who have little to no experience. With this mode, you can offer them assistance and help them go through difficult sections of the game.

Not only this, but it is a great option for accessibility as well. Through this, they can play and share the experience with their friends despite their physical constraints.

How to Activate Co-Pilot Mode

If you want to learn how to activate the co-pilot mode, follow the steps given below:

  • Connect the pilot’s controller for the player who needs assistance
  • To access the guide, press the Xbox button
  • Select the Profile and Systems option
  • Go to Settings
  • Navigate the Accessibility option
  • Go to I Send
  • Select Co-pilot Configuration
  • Click on the Activate the Co-pilot option
  • Select the Co-pilot command

The two connected remotes will have complete control once the co-pilot mode is enabled. That is, you will be able to do the action in the game with any of these controls.

It is also worth noting that you can bind two Xbox Adaptive Controllers at the same time. Moreover, you can connect one of those controllers with a standard controller.

If you need to disable the Copilot, go to Configuration and select Disconnect the Copilot.

Disadvantages of the Xbox Co-Pilot Mode

The Co-Pilot feature on Xbox is increasingly useful for a variety of reasons for various people. However, it is important that we highlight its limitations as well.

The paired co-pilot controllers are treated as one controller by the Xbox. Only the “Pilot” is logged in. Moreover, they are the only ones who will advance to the next section, get a gamer score, and unlock achievements. The co-pilot is merely there to help and receives no in-game incentives or progress.


Xbox’s co-pilot mode is a revolutionary feature in the gaming industry. It allows people from all experience levels and bodily functions to efficiently play their games. Moreover, Xbox is also adding new enhancements to Magnifier and Narrator.

Additionally, it is giving more options for audio output and custom rumble settings on a controller. This feature was previously reserved for the Xbox Elite Controller.

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