Amazing Linux Video players

Amazing Linux Video players



MPV is a relatively new video player that’s been skyrocketing in popularity over the past few months. It’s a fork of mplayer2, which is itself a fork of the original MPlayer. What does that mean for you?

Refinement, quality, ease of use, and a beautifully minimal interface that gets out of the way and lets you watch your videos without distraction.



Technically speaking, SMPlayer isn’t its own video player. It’s actually a graphical frontend for MPlayer that wraps the command line tool with an intuitive interface that lets you watch videos without having to know anything about the terminal.


Gnome player

Formerly known as Totem, this video player is so nice that we included it in our list of Best Linux Software. As the name implies, Videos is the default video player that comes bundled with most GNOME environments, and as such, it integrates well with other GNOME elements like Nautilus.



What if a video player isn’t enough? In this modern age, there’s so much to consider when it comes to media management, like keeping sync’d across multiple devices, converting formats, and even sharing playback across a local network.

With Miro, you get a complete media experience within one single application and it will drastically simplify your life.



Lastly, we have VLC. It’s one of the most — if not the most — popular video players in the world and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. After all these years, the developers (along with open source contributors) continue to push out new features and updates.

But does it deserve the reputation that it has? Absolutely. After all, VLC has been a pioneering force since it first hit the scene back in the early 2000s.





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