This Guy Actually Got: Android Running on a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

Ok, the Nokia Lumia series… what can be said in regards to Microsoft’s as of late perished line of cell phones? They won’t have been the best, but rather they unquestionably weren’t the most exceedingly bad, and they got the employment done as far as what you would anticipate from a cell phone.

The Windows phones are dead this year, so what happens to the older consumers who has already bought the Lumia series phones or late? They will never get Microsoft support or redesigns or new apps. But there’s a chance you could install Android on your old Nokia phones which you have lounging around in a drawer.

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Move Over Windows, Android Is Here

Senior part thinkx2 over on XDA Developers has figured out how to boot up Android Nougat 7.1 on his Nokia Lumia 520. Thinkx2 hasn’t discharged the ROM yet, and most likely all things considered: While he expresses that everything is working, it’s obviously very surrey.

In any case, he has discharged a proof-of-idea video to demonstrate that Android 7.1 does without a doubt boot on the three-year-old cell phone. This is incredible news, since the Nokia Lumia 520 is one of the all the more generally utilized and dynamic Windows telephones, falling second just to the Nokia Lumia 535. Look at the video to see with your own eyes.

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