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OpIslam: Not long ago, Anonymous propelled #OpIslam, a push to better instruct individuals around the globe about the religion; for individuals connect and make inquiries, voice their worries/reasons for alarm and take part in open exchange. The outcomes have been a mellow achievement. We have run our own server on the issue, and throughout the months, hundreds have gotten to be locked in and ideally hundreds more are presently better taught for it.


At the end of the day, and we can not push this enough, this operation has literally nothing to do with changing over individuals to Islam. The operation exists exclusively as an instructive device to battle the contempt and lack of awareness we see encompassing the religion today. Prior this week, pioneer of the operation, Maia, delivered another video for the development, alongside some new material.

The latest video addresses the absolute most squeezing concerns routinely voiced in our visits:

What does Jihad really mean?

The whole way across the media and on mainstream features, especially here in the West, we find out about Jihad and how radical Islamist’s are ‘pursuing Jihad against America.’ But what does it really mean? Jihad is not an equivalent word for War and any individual who does not comprehend this – :hack: The Main Stream Media :hack: – genuinely needs to learn. More data available in the video underneath.

Is Islam truly a religion of peace?

All things considered, probably the most savage zones of contention around the globe are Muslim prevalently controlled; and we hear all the time about assaults by radical Islamist’s.

It’s entertaining, there were more than 1.1 million brutal violations conferred in the U.S. a year ago, the quantity of these violations conferred by Muslims are divisions of this number – actually, single digits.

You truly need to ask yourself: why do you find out about each and every homicide that happened to include a Muslim, consistently on the national news, when all over the nation many Americans are killed by different Americans consistently – why are the Muslims solely singled out in national scope, constantly? Truly, what is the end amusement here, and why does the media do this to society? Is it to make you carry on with your life in trepidation and instill you – to bolster a multi-trillion dollar War crusade abroad? You let me know…

Once more, more data about viciousness and war with respect to Islam and Islamic sacred text beneath.


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