Apple unveiled the new iPhone on September 9

Widespread calls for event in San Francisco, waiting for the new Apple TV. Meanwhile the Apple Watch goes beyond expectations

ROME – After rumors of recent weeks, it’s official: the event where Apple will unveil the new iPhone , probably along with the revamped Apple TV , will be held on September 9. The house of Cupertino has released to the press an invitation for that date, at 10 am in the Big Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, a location much wider than those chosen in the past by Apple, with a capacity of 7 thousand seats. “Siri, give us a tip,” it is the phrase written in the invitation.

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The wait for the new iPhone and iPhone 6S 6S Plus, which according to rumors should be aesthetically very similar to current smartphones. The most interesting would be the touch feedback technology, already implemented on Apple Watch and MacBook, which does take a leap forward to the Multi-Touch allows to recognize the level of pressure exerted by the user on the display, so as to assign different commands to touches more or less intense. The shell should be made ​​of an aluminum alloy more resistant and lightweight to avoid a new ‘bendgate’, the problem of curvature which affects the current iPhone. The devices would then have higher performance processor and camera. On the front of the iPad, Apple could finally unveil the iPad Pro with 12.9-inch display which for months chasing rumors. For the Apple TV, however, it expects a substantial revision of the hardware, unchanged from 2012, along with new features for gamers and a remote control with touch screen. And waiting new iPhone, Apple Watch goes beyond expectations: deliveries of smartwatch bitten apple totaled 3.6 million units in the second quarter of 2015. It took over the company IDC, according to which Apple Watch debuted on the market of devices “wearable” a breath from the current market leaders: Bracelet smart Fitbit which totaled 4.4 million in the same period of deliveries. “Every time Apple makes its entry into a new market not only attracts attention to himself – said in a statement Ramon Llamas , an analyst at IDC – but the market itself. “The onset of the Cupertino company in the field of wearable devices has caused a boom in the overall growth: the total deliveries of smartwatch bracelets and ‘smart’ between April and June this year (the Apple Watch is on sale from 10 April) have exceeded 18 million units, a 223% increase over the same period last year. According to IDC’s hard Samsung however, it remains in fifth place (behind Xiaomi and Garmin) with just over half a million deliveries and just 3.3% of market share.

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