Apple working to fix flaw Mac

Apple working to remedy a security vulnerability in the operating system of his computer, Mac OS X, that allow hackers to infiltrate the devices and that among other things would have already been exploited.

He writes the online edition of the Guardian, which states that the “patch” will come with the next update of the software. Meanwhile, Google and Samsung promise monthly security updates for devices and Galaxy Nexus. The “bugs” of Apple’s operating system, reports the Guardian, is known as “dyld” and is “more worrisome” than another flaw recently discovery – called “Thunderstrike 2” – and already partially repaired by the Cupertino company, it would have already been exploited. Dyld would allow a program to have the same “privileges” of the computer’s in practice allows him to run without asking the user (administrator) to enter the system password. The remedy should be reflected in the next update of the system, Max OS X 10.10.5.

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