Armitage Exploitation

Armitage Exploitation

Inside the check out we executed earlier, we make sure certainly one of our own locates is actually operating Or windows 7 SP2 so we will attempt to manage the particular manipulate regarding MS08-067 in opposition to that. All of us choose the sponsor we would like to help assault, obtain the manipulate from the tree, along with double-click about it to bring in the setting correctly.

Armitage ms08-067

Much like our selective checking carried out earlier, all the necessary configuration continues to be set up for us. Almost all we must complete is click “Launch” as well as loose time waiting for the actual Meterpreter treatment to be exposed for us. Note in the image underneath which the target graphic provides transformed to indicate of which it is often used.

Armitage shell

When we right-click on our exploited host, we can see a number of new and useful options available to us.

Armitage interact menu

We dump the hashes on the exploited system in an attempt to leverage password re-use to exploit the other targets. Selecting the remaining hosts, we use the “psexec” module with the Administrator username and password hash we already acquired.

Armitage psexec config

Now we just click “Launch” and wait to receive more Meterpreter shells!

Armitage multiple shells

As can be plainly seen from this brief overview, Armitage provides an amazing interface to Metasploit and can be a great timesaver in many cases. A static posting cannot truly do Armitage justice but fortunately.

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