Basic Things For SEO website

Recently, the largest engine giant has launched a new innovation that Google Panda 4.0 which makes change very significant on this giant search results. This becomes important ynag to be noticed by the owner of the website or blog in which the source of their traffic coming from Google search engine.


All of this is Google doing so there is good feedback for webmasters and their visitors, where the website owner is required to always provide the best content and uptodate on blog / website them to the visitors.

Well, here is an important element in SEO website:

1. Make Blog Content quality and Up to Date Blog is one very effective means to publish content related to business, build brand, and increase the number of visitors. It is very important to present and to the future. By providing quality content and are up to date and in accordance with the business running mate, will gain more trust from the visitors, and of course also of the Google search engine.


2. Take advantage of Google Authorship Google Authorship is Google’s way to verify the author content in a website, and take into account how much expertise (authority) of each author on a topic. And it turns Author Rank (Rank Author) greatly affects the search results on the Google search engine. Google Authorship is a feature released by Google for a long time, it’s just that there are many website owners who do not use it.


3. Optimize your Blog URL / Website Optimization in the URL of your blog / website very important role in the search results on search engines. You should always use permalinks on websites / blogs that contain keywords and certainly in accordance with the content created. Here are the things that must be considered in optimizing all URLs on the site mate:

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