The Best Way To Fully Control Your Android Device From Any PC

Have you ever experienced a situation when you are using your PC but suddenly a message pops up on your phone and you have to reply, then a conversation begins and you have to switch between both your phone and computer and it’s too much to handle? If yes, then there’s a solution to this problem. Now you can simply open a window on your PC and reply to the messages on your phone. Additionally, you can take control of your phone on Windows via USB cable. For that, you’ll have to download the Vysor app which is easily available on chrome web browser. It can be done on any operating system.


If you’re using Windows Pc then you’ll have to download ADB drivers to access your phone on your PC (if you’re a mac user then you don’t have to follow this step you can simply skip it and jump onto the next one)

Once you’re done with installing it, launch it on your device. Then follow the prompt for installation.


You have to enable ADB on your Android device then you have to set it so it always allows connections from your computer. Then, connect your phone Via USB cable and open settings menu on your android device. Now, head to the “Developer options” menu (enable developer options first)

Then, enable “USB debugging” option. Then press Ok on the popup. Now an additional popup will appear asking if you allow ADB connection from this device. Tick the box “Always” Then press ok


Open the link, click add to chrome button on top of your screen to download the Vysor chrome app. Once it is installed, launch the app or open chrome app launcher from bookmarks bar at the top of your screen. Then, click on Vysor icon.


Installing both Vysor app and ADB drivers, using your android phone on Windows PC would be way more easier. Start by clicking “Find devices” button on Vysor’s main menu. Further, choose your Android device then click “Select” just by doing it you’ll be able to view your mobile screen on Windows PC. If you’re having any trouble doing this then go back to step 1 amd review it.


Once your device is connected. Your Android screen would be displayed on your Windows PC. Then you can use your mouse or keyboard to navigate your phone. There are a few keyboard shortcuts that you’d like to know

Esc for back button and F1 to access Android menu.


Note: For sharing make sure you have a pro version of this app for which price varies.

If you want to share your device with another person it could be for any purpose like troubleshooting then you can do it easily. Just connect your mobile phone to your PC like usual then click share in Vysor’s menu.

Image credit source: DALLAS THOMAS

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