Burner Phone: What Is It and Why Do People Buy It? 

We’ll study step-by-step what burner phones are, and why people buy and use these phones!  

Burner phone? Are you hearing this term for the very first time or have you seen these phones as popular ones in the movies? If yes, then you must have another query, are these phones just a Hollywood pop, or do they have any real work usage?

Hold on! In this article, we are going to break down all of your curiosities by providing you with a bunch of amazing yet chewable content about burner phones in detail.

What is a Burner Phone?

A burner phone is simply a prepaid phone, inexpensive to buy, and looks much like the models of the 90s or early 2000s. People buy a burner phone intending to use it for a shorter period and discard it later on. You can also say burner phones are disposable phones.

The early use of this term was heard in WIRE, the HBO series in 2002. You might have seen in other Hollywood movies as well, where the criminals use these phones to hide their identity.

Buner Phone
Burner Phone: What is it and Why do People buy it?

Though the burner phone is off-grid, it is a good communication device as well. No one can log into your IP address or any personal data through this phone. Because there is no GPS in it. Thus, it is best for criminals or for the ones who want to hide suspicious traces. Just like a burner phone, you can buy the burner sim as well.

This sim will also protect you from risk identification or contact logs. You can use it on different smartphones, not necessarily a burner phone, and discard it later if you do not want to use it.

Why Do People Buy Burner Phones?

Keeping personal data is quite necessary, but with the advancing technology, it has become difficult. It doesn’t matter how much you pay and buy an expensive smartphone or an Apple phone. You are still not secure. So, here these old-school burner phones are your lifesaver.

Besides maintaining privacy, here are the other reasons why people buy and use these burner phones.

Redirect Online Spamming

Spamming has been increased on Google. Sometimes, it’s the website link that spams your data by getting your IP address, or sometimes people send messages. To avoid this, it is better to use a burner number whenever you are going for a new subscription on any website or having contact with any company. Using prepaid burner numbers will protect you from this heck and keep you safe.

Safe Online Businesses

Not just the spamming of the online presence, instead you can also get scammed for web businesses as well. Either you reach out to someone that runs a fake business or other times if you want to sell something, a burner phone can help you. After having contact, you can discard the phone and the sim as well to avoid further contact.

Safe Online Hangouts

Burner phones are best for online dating. As Steve Harvey gave a safe piece of advice to women to buy this phone so that they don’t have to worry longer if a guy ditches them in online dating or comes out to be a scammer. Just buy a burner phone and give a burner phone number while using the dating apps and they ask for it. If something wrong happens, just burn the phone and discard the number. No one can know you any longer!

Move Safely

While travelling to a distant place, or a dangerous one, a burner phone can save you from trouble. there is no loss if a thief seizes it because it is of no use to him. For criminals on their missions, this is the ideal choice and no one can suspect who was the killer or suspicious person on the way.

Escape Roaming Charges

While you travel to another country, you have to pay the roaming charges for your sim card and a bunch of money as expensive as your phone is! So, to avoid these charges, you can use the burner phone. Besides travelling, you can have the best use of this phone when you want to avoid billing taxes by living in abroad.

Roll out – It’s your turn!

All things considered, the perks of using this prepaid phone must be exciting for you to buy it now. To say the least, it is time for you to roll out of the imaginary world or the cinematic frame. Wait no more and find out the best burner phone to enjoy using this amazing device and stay protected. However, make sure to use it properly to avoid burner phone tracking.

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