Change Themes in Kali Linux, Customization & Installation

I’m back again showing you can change themes in Kali Linux. Do you want to change your interface while doing pen testing. Kali rolling comes with a great customized interface with awesome icons and graphics, but time comes you’ll get bored after a long time. So I’m writing this tutorial to show you how you can install themes in Kali Linux.We’ll gonna wrap this tutorial in simple easy steps.

Step 1. Searching and Downloading Theme

First step you can go to GNOME-Look website to download themes, link here: You can download any theme which says gtk 3.x in tar.gz format. So in a next step we have to install our theme.

Step 2. Extracting and Copying Theme

When you’re done with downloading your required theme for kali linux you need to extract the tar.gz file using terminal command.

Open up your terminal type: tar - zxvf mytheme.tar.gz

 When you done with extract, you have to move these files to this directory: /usr/share/themes/

Step 3. Installing Theme

Now, you are in installation step this will require you to install a tool which can be used to apply themes. Tool called “Gnome Tweak Tool” this tool comes with pre installed in kali linux 2x but in older version you can open up your terminal and install that tool.

Type in terminal: “apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

Open the tweak tool and under the appearance tab you will find the themes section. Change GTK+ ,Icons , Shell theme to the downloaded theme and you l have the theme applied.

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