Cryptocurrency Miners are in rise from previous year, nearly 600 millions computers are continually mining cryptoCurrency through their browsers without user’s knowledge. But this CoffeeMiner works differently through intercepting traffic and route to injected HTML pages for mining, that HTML pages contains javascript that force all devices which are connected to WiFi network to mine cryptocurrency for an attacker.


  • Performs a MITM attack to all selected victims
  • Injects a js script in all the HTML pages requested by the victims
  • The js script injected contains a cryptocurrency miner
  • All the devices victims connected to the Lan network, will be mining for the CoffeeMiner

How To Use CoffeeMiner РWiFi MITM Cryptocurrency Mining Pool

First, We’re going to Download or Git CoffeeMiner.

After that we’re going to run ‘‘ bash file.


  • edit victims.txt with one IP per line
  • edit, line 28, with the coffeeMiner httpserver IP:

When everything’s completed, we’re simply going to execute and run that file.

  • execute

How To Use CoffeeMiner - WiFi MITM Cryptocurrency Mining Pool

Instructions to setup VirtualBox scenario

In each machine, remember to setup the dns server, for example, in /etc/resolv.conf:


  • network adapter:
    • Host-only Adapter
  • /etc/network/interfaces:


  • network adapter:
    • Host-only Adapter
  • /etc/network/interfaces:


  • network adapter:
    • Bridged Adapter
    • Host-only Adapter
  • /etc/network/interfaces:


Configure the Gateway machine as a router:

Download CoffeeMiner