Desktop Applications for Windows Releases By WordPress

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform today has just released a desktop application for Windows. This application you can use to manage a lot of your WordPress blog (both at or self-hosted WordPress with Jetpack plugin).

What is the difference with the post directly through the web?

Actually not so different, it’s just that with these WordPress app you can organize, write and post, modify, and even see stats banyan blogs all in one place.



Another advantage in this application is Reader feature where you can follow your favorite blogs, as well as the Discover feature that will show a lot of content and articles coolest of all WordPress blogs in the world.

One more thing that makes this WordPress app worth having is the notification to comment, like, and follow that you get from your WordPress blog.

However, despite the release of WordPress application for Windows, WordPress team made sure there were no plans at all to release applications in Windows 10 Mobile.They just said it would continue to monitor the number of users who access the Windows 10 Mobile WordPress, and if there is enough will begin to think for release.

Anyway for bloggers using WordPress as a platform, make sure you do not miss to download and try this application for Windows WordPress.

Download WordPress for Windows


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