Don’t let the Windows 10 Spy on you?

There are many articles and on the news talking about this argument
that Windows 10 is spying on almost everything you do –
The second news Windows 10 spies on emails, images, credit cards and more.. at –

a new free app from German developer pXc-coding. Moving beyond the key settings we discussed earlier, this app creates a centralized interface where users can quickly and easily adjust settings related to 37 different features that have a direct impact on security and privacy. This means that instead of combing through a dozen different settings screens in Windows 10, users can adjust all of their privacy and security settings in one place.

App called: DoNotSpy10

•Disable telemetry
•Disable Biometrics
•Disable handwriting data disclosure
•Disable handwriting Error Reporting
•Disable Application Telemetry
•Disable Inventory Collector
•Disable Steps Recorder
•Disable lock screen camera settings
•Deactivate and reset Cortana
•Disable localization
•Disable sensors
•Disable Web search
•Disable Windows Media DRM Internet access
•Activate postponing upgrades
•Disable app notifications
•Disable Password button ads
•Stopping and resetting the advertising ID
•Disable SmartScreen filter for URLs
•Disable sending write information
•Disable access to language list
•Disable app access to localization
•Disable app access to camera
•Disable app access to microphone
•Disable acquaintance
•Disable app access to user accounts info
•Disable app access to calendar
•Disable app access to messages
•Disable app access to wireless connections
•Disable app access to Uncoupled devices
•Disable prompts Feedback
•Disabling Windows Update distribution
•Disable Windows Update for other products
•Disable WiFi Sense
•Disable Windows Defender
•Disable automatic Windows Updates
•Deactivate OneDrive
•Disable Automatic Driver Updates

Download at:


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