Edward Snowden Reaches the White House as …a SNOWMAN

You may have Heard of Edward Snowden Before, Famous NSA whistleblower, wanted in the US one charges of espionage, found his way in the front of of White House in snowman.

In 2013, the Snowden leaks exposed an expansive, covert surveillance program that spied on U.S. citizens, residents and even persons abroad, the likes of which the world had never before seen. While activists and a number of journalists have hailed Snowden as a hero, conservatives and politicians have called him a “coward” and a “traitor.” Snowden sought asylum in Moscow, where he remains in exile.

International media or People around captures images and videos of his statue which was Arrested by NYPD.

A smiling Snowden snowman was recently spotted in front of the White House when crafty political activists decided to make a statement outside Obama’s house.


Photos of ‘Snowden the Snowman’ quickly spread on social media and were noticed by the whistleblower himself, who was quite surprised by the action.

Noor Qureshi

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