Facebook Latest Update on Slideshow Coming soon!

Facebook is been working on a Photo Sharing method by their Users, Lot’s of people feels annoying why they click on photos to load up, They are trying to make it quick and much faster then ever and trying to implement slideshow on news feed photos. Which are Shared by Users.

As reported by the Social Times, Facebook has confirmed it is testing the new feature but the company gave no indication as to whether or not it would be officially launching it anytime soon or at all.


It’s very similar to the “Year in Review” posts you get annually bombarded with around the Holidays, but works quite well aesthetically for albums with some continuity like your vacation snaps.


Facebook has always maintained that users profiles are a place for telling stories and as it has evolved through the years, the social network has remained true to this statement. While the potential new story feature isn’t a huge advancement, it’s a refreshing break from misaligned tiles and scrolling through albums, and will surely be a welcomed update if it is introduced.



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