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How To Fix Instagram Add Yours Not Working on iPhone/Android

Have you been struggling to use the new, exciting Instagram sticker “Add yous”? Perhaps this is the reason why you’re reading this post. So, here’s the good news! This article will tell you all you need to know about how to fix Instagram “Add yours” not working on iPhone or Android.

Every now and then, Instagram comes up with some unique and creative ideas for its audience. That’s why you never get bored of this app. No matter how old it gets and how much you’ve used it, you’ll always find something new about this ingenious social app. “Add yours” is just another one of the many quirky features of Instagram.

Let’s discuss “Add Yours” a little bit

So what is Add yours and how does it work? Instagram introduced a new sticker named “Ad yours” on 1st November 2021. If you go to the gallery to apply a sticker to your story, you’ll find an “add yours” sticker there. By applying this, you allow your followers to add their stories to your IG story.
instagram add yours not working -hacktoday

The whole purpose of this sticker is to create a chain of stories. This feature is greatly helpful for influencers and personal brands, as it helps to engage more audiences. But what if you couldn’t apply “add yours” to your story? It’s the 21st century and no one deserves to be deprived of the latest updates on social apps.

Why Is Instagram Add Yours Not Working?

The reasons vary from person to person. What seems to be helpful for one user, might not help the other one. So read the article carefully to know why you can’t use this sticker and how to avail this opportunity.

  • An outdated version of Instagram can prevent you from using “add yours.”
  • The feature is not released in your region yet.
  • An error or glitch while logging in can also hinder using “add yours”.

How To Fix Instagram Add Yours Not Working?

Let’s jump right into the tricks and techniques we can use to get rid of the “Instagram add yours not working” issue. All these methods are tested by many users and they reported positive outcomes applying the methods described below.

1. Update Instagram

The first method is to update Instagram. Instagram The frequent updates of Instagram allow you to have access to the latest features. If you have not updated your Instagram, it’s more likely that you’ll see an “Instagram add yours not working” issue. So, make sure you are using the updated version.

  1. Open the Play Store/App Store and search for Instagram. instagram add yours not working-hacktoday
  2. If there is an Update option, click on it. instagram add yours not working-hacktoday
  3. Once Instagram has updated, open it and try using the “add yours” feature. add yours not working - hacktoday

2. Switch To A Personal Account

The “Add yours” feature might not be available on a professional account. You need to switch from a professional account to a personal account. Just follow the steps below if you don’t know how to do this.

  1. Launch the Instagram app and log in to your account.
  2. Tap on your profile icon in the lower right corner. add yours instagram-hacktoday
  3. Now, tap the three lines at the top right corner and select Settings. instagram add yours-hacktoday
  4. Scroll down to select the Account option. social media hacks-hacktoday
  5. Here, you’ll see the option “Switch account type”, tap on it. instagram add yours-hacktoday
  6. Now choose Switch to Personal Account. 

 add yours-hacktoday

3. Reinstall Instagram

Sometimes, reinstalling the app removes minor glitches and errors. If you can not find the “Add Yours” sticker on IG, simply reinstall the app and see if works.

  1. Press and hold the Instagram app icon.
  2. A list of options will pop up, choose “Delete app/Remove app”. instagram workarounds-hacktoday
  3. A confirmation message will pop up on your screen, select “Delete”. add yours tricks-hacktoday
  4. Once you have uninstalled the app successfully, it’s time to reinstall it. Go to Play Store/App Store and install Instagram again.

4. Try Using The Other Account

The problem might be with the account you’re currently using. Several users said that they got the “Add yours” feature once they used a different account. Hopefully, this may be the case for you and you get rid of “Instagram add yours not working”

  1. Launch the Instagram app and log out of your current account. instagram add yours not working on iphone
  2. Once you’re done with that, re-login with a different account. If you don’t have another account, then create one.

5. Join The Beta Program (Only For Android)

The Instagram Beta Program allows you to try the latest and upcoming features. If the “Add yours is not working on Instagram, then you should try using a beta program.

  1. Go to Play Store and search Instagram in the search bar.
  2. Once you open the app, scroll down to select Join the beta. instagram add yours not working on Android
  3. Next, you’ll see a pop-up confirmation message. Tap on Join. istagram hacks-hacktoday


How to fix Instagram ‘Add Your’ sticker error?

  1. Close the Instagram application.
  2. Download the latest Instagram update.
  3. Use a personal (not business) account.
  4. Delete and redownload the Insta app.
  5. Clear the iPhone or Android device cache.
  6. Join the Instagram beta test program.
  7. Use the in-app Help section to submit an error report.
  8. Wait for the “Add Your” sticker feature to arrive.


Don’t miss out on any fun features on Instagram. In this article, you’ll see many workarounds to fix the “Add yours not working” trouble. Try out these methods to see which one works for you. You can also try re-logging into your account to see if it shows an “Add yours” sticker on your story.

If non of the above methods work for you then it is probably because the feature has not been launched in your country yet. In this case, you can just wait for the app to launch “Add yours” in your region. Hopefully, this article must have been beneficial for you and helped you get the “Add yours” sticker on your Instagram story.

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