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Solved: Omegle error connecting to server – 6 Super Easy Fixes

Omegle is a free online chat site where people can collaborate and have discussions with each other without having to sign up. The service helps people to chat with one another. In spy mode, users can chat anonymously by using the alternative names “you” and “stranger” or “stranger 1” and “stranger 2.”

It is a fantastic way to find new people on the Internet and connect with them. But it is not always as easy as it sounds. Omegle error connecting to server is one of the most common things that go wrong with it.

You might have several server problems on the Omegle website because of things like too many caches and cookies, wrong configuration settings, an unstable internet connection, and more.

You can solve the problems easily and find many ways to do so all over the world. Still, here in this article, we have listed the causes and the most effective fixes and put them on this site. Good luck!

Omegle error connecting to server

Omegle Not Connecting to the Server

The main cause of this error is the Flash plugin that builds up on your machine while you browse data from websites. Getting rid of these cookies might not alter the way you surf the internet, but it might solve your problem.

Bad internet settings may also generate the issue. You can fix the issue by using a VPN to use fake settings or by getting a new DNS server and IP address.

Other causes for the error connecting to server Omegle from what we have seen are listed below:

  • Having an IP address that is on the blacklist will prevent you from using Omegle.
  • Some unresolved network problems with Omegle can also be a hindrance.
  • Having the wrong configuration setup can also cause the issue.
  • If your browser’s cookies or cache are broken.
  • If you have an unstable network.

How to fix Omegle error connecting to server

1. Check Your Network

Your internet connection should be stable. Having an unstable network is one of the most common reasons why people face this error. So, the most basic troubleshooting is to try plugging and unplugging back in your internet router.

You can also just turn your internet router off and turn it on again.

There are times when your network becomes slow or is down. This can cause problems with the Omegle error connecting to the server.

Here is what you can do to fix your device’s connection problems:

  1. Try using your hotspot or mobile data.
  2. Simply change your network connection.
  3. Check that your Omegle is not blocked on a public network.
  4. See if your system’s firewall is stopping you from getting to Omegle.

It’s great for fixing recurring network difficulties. Simply contact your internet service provider for it.

2. Use VPN

VPNs can help you avoid the “Error connecting to server” error.

There are many VPNs available both free and paid. You can easily download a VPN from the web.

Many people access Omegle by using a VPN and have made their way. So make sure you use the right VPN to eliminate this error.

But it can prove to be a complicated task to use a VPN, so it is always ideal for checking with your network provider to see if it’s okay to use one. In some states, using a VPN is also against the law, so be sure that you have checked everything. Check with your network provider before using a VPN.

3. Try A Different Device

As easy as it sounds, this is a very simple fix. You might have understood it from the heading, and it is definitely worth a go. By all means, this method is a must-try with those devices as well if you are able to access any additional internet-connected devices (those that can connect to Omegle).

If still, you are receiving the same connecting Omegle server error message, you will be certain that the issue with Omegle not being able to connect to the server is not due to your device in any way.

4. Flush DNS

By clearing the DNS cache, you can fix a lot of network availability problems. If you get can not connect to the Omegle server message, flushing the DNS might work.

  1. Press the Windows key and the R key. This will open up the Run box. You can also get the dialogue box by right-clicking the Windows Start menu and choosing Run.
  2. Type cmd into the Run box. Now press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to run it as administrator.
  3. Type the commands into the cmd window we have listed below, and press Enter after each one. But keep in mind that the operation is completed after you run each command. Only then, proceed to the next.

Now, go back to the Omegle website and see if the “Error connecting to server” problem has vanished or not.

5. Clear Your Browser’s Caches and Cookies

Your web browser’s cache and cookie files (regardless of which browser you are using) help you have a smooth experience as it helps save your browser’s searches, passwords, history, and other useful information. But this data and files often crash if you do not use them.

To prevent this problem, follow the below steps to clear your browser’s cookies and cache.

Google Chrome

  1. Open the browser, click the three dots button at the top right area of the window and then go to settings.
  2. Customize your Chrome settings. To do that, click on Security and Privacy. You can find it in the left area of the window.
  3. Select the option to delete your Chrome history. This will remove the caches and cookies.
  4. Check the boxes next to Caches, Cookies, and Browsing History. They are all available on the Basic tab.
  5. Press the Clear Data icon to remove your cookie and cache history.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Firefox. Go to three horizontal lines and click it. You will find it in the top right corner.
  2. Go to Firefox Settings, then from the left, go to Privacy and Security.
  3. Go down where you see Cookies and Site Data and press the Clear Data button to clear your Firefox cache.
  4. Check for caches and cookies, then click Clear again.

Edge browser

  1. Click the three dots to open Edge Settings.
  2. Click Clear Browsing Data in Privacy, Search, and Services.
  3. Now to clear your caches, choose “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files.”
  4. Now press Clear now.


  1. Open your Safari browser and visit the menu bar and choose “Preferences“.
  2. Go to privacy and select the website’s data option to manage website data.
  3. Press “Remove All.”

6. Clear the Flash Player’s cache

If you clear the flash browsing data, you can fix the “Omegle Error Connecting to Server” message. You can easily do it within your browser:

  1. Close all your browser tabs you have open, then, open the Flash Player controls.
  2. Now, click “Delete All” from the Storage tab and checkmark “Delete All Site Data and Settings“.
  3. Now go to “Delete Data“. The flash cache will be cleared. Now turn back your machine on.
  4. Now simply see if the Omegle Error Connecting to Server is still there or gone.


Why doesn’t Omegle operate on Chrome?

The following are some of the possible reasons for this issue:

  1. Check your browser or extensions if you’re using Chrome and Omegle isn’t working.
  2. You can try using a different web browser.
  3. If Omegle still doesn’t function, check the setup or change VPN.
  4. Altering the Omegle chat client settings can also help eliminate the issue.

Why was I blocked by Omegle?

If your network bandwidth on your smart device, for instance, a 3G network connection, is slow or unstable, chances are that you have been kicked out of Omegle chats. If this happens to you frequently, the Omegle algorithm will think that you are trying to send spam or that you are a troll, and it will ban you.

Why does Omegle kick individuals off the site?

Omegle kicks people off their site if they have broken the terms and conditions of the service. The website has a zero-tolerance policy on the use of hostile behavior and offensive language of any kind. You run the risk of being banned if multiple users report you for inappropriate behavior.

How long does the Omegle ban last?

The length of the ban often ranges from one week to several months, depending on the severity of the rule’s infraction. On the other hand, if you have violated a significant number of terms and conditions, you run the risk of being permanently excluded from the service.

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