Glass Door Control Technology

This is superbly Wow you guys seen many technologies but this will forced to you say wow. Glass door Control Technology is reveling  day by day. Some of features are .

  • Finger print Scan                                                                                                        By this you can scan finger print and Control door by you finger prints.
  • Led Display Screen                                                                                                           Led Display date and other information  like password keyboard etc
  • Password Open Door                                                                                                     User can also set Password on door and the interesting thing its not manually               that door provides led display mentioned above by this touch keyboard you                 can enter password.
  • Remote Control                                                                                                           You can also register a user through a remote control means not near the door              just use a remote control to register a user.
  • USB Port                                                                                                                      User also can download its data through a given USB port.


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