Guest Post

We’re accepting Guest Post for a movement!

  1. Except in rare cases (depending on the quality of content and the project/product being discussed), we do not entertain unpaid or free press releases and guest posts
  2. We only accept posts related to technology (apps, phones, gadgets, fintech, crypto, cars, accessories etc.)
  3. We only accept posts which are unique and are not published elsewhere
  4. We only accept posts with at least 500 – 800 words of high-quality writing
  5. We do not accept posts related to gambling, betting, and related projects
  6. We do not accept posts created for the sole purpose of getting backlinks
  7. We do not accept posts with offensive content, which can be deemed illegal or is aimed at hurting the sentiments of any ethnicity or community of people
  8. We ignore all impersonal, spammy emails
  9. Our price for publishing press releases and guest posts starts from $200

Make sure to email us here: [email protected]

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