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Ghost Squad Hackers: Hacks Afghan Government in Protest of Ongoing Corruption and U.S. Drug Ties

This weekend, Ghost Squad Hackers penetrated the Afghan Government Registry site, recovered its information (counting delicate log-in data), mutilated the site, and assumed control of Afghan Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah’s confirmed Twitter account.

One of the individuals, known as G4mm4, then went ahead to destroy the Twitter page and Tweeted out a few messages to his +42k adherents, including the statement “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery” along with #EnlightenmentMovement.GSH later Tweeted back at Abdullah, asking, “can you hear me now?”

#Enlightement or #EnlightenmentMovement alludes to a recently established social development spreading crosswise over online networking for the benefit of the Hazaras individuals, one of Afghanistan’s biggest ethnic minorities – a gathering that records for about 20% of Afghanistan’s general populace. This July 23rd, the Hazaras were focused on a suicide-shelling assault because of the Islamic State amid an extensive dissent in Kabul – executing 80 and harming more than 200 more. It was a silly demonstration of brutality against a tranquil group, which was even censured by individuals, for example, the Taliban.

Going back to the thirteenth century the Hazaras, a Shia minority, have been abused by the Pakistani and Afghan Sunni greater part. Just since 2001, after the Taliban were expelled from political control over the nation, were the Hazaras individuals even permitted to have a political voice/nearness in government.

In a nation effectively stricken by war, neediness, and an absence of assets, the Hazaras individuals have particularly battled throughout the years. Taking after the latest assault on a tranquil assembling prior to this July, the group started hunting down something to rally around – along these lines the #EnlightenmentMovement started.

Taking after the assault, casualties’ families and the group everywhere took to online networking to express themselves to each other and to the world. Individuals pledged to unleash an “online upheaval” to teach individuals about the situation of the Hazaras individuals, and the present situation in Afghanistan, and in doing as such, unite individuals to spurn change. In spite of the fact that numerous in the Hazaras people group have constrained access to innovation, this past Friday, July 30th, #Enlightenment was the top inclining hashtag in Pakistan and Afghanistan, getting 0ver 380,000 tweets in one day.

The day after this development started a pattern, Ghost Squad Hackers occupied with their own image of hacktivism in solidarity with this development.

In a meeting Ghost Squad Hacking Group said they hacked “Dr Abdullah’s Twitter record to raise voice against progressing defilement, huge scale drug bargains and the illicit American nearness in the nation prompting an overall disorder particularly to neighbor nations.”

Later in the meeting Ghost Squad went ahead to clarify the point of interest behind the assault, and how they accessed the records, expressing that they “found an endeavor in the administration server and pulled each login we would we be able to have all the more additionally yet he (Dr. Abdullah) was not utilizing telephone confinement and 2FA was likewise not empowered.” Prior to assuming control over Abdullah’s Twitter account, Ghost Squad hacked the Afghan Public Credit Registry and ruined the site, the same site they pulled the log-in data from.

Individuals from AnonOps IRC contacted AnonHQ News, offended that neighborhood media outlets in Pakistan and India were reporting that ISIS was mindful of the hack of Dr. Abdullah’s Twitter and requesting that we put some rumors to rest.

As beforehand reported, Ghost Squad split off from a bigger gathering of programmers, who then went ahead to frame the United Cyber Caliphate – the incomparable hacking gathering of the Islamic State. Apparition Squad left since they declined to bolster the Islamic state and now invest the lion’s share of their energy battling against and uncovering individuals from ISIS. Any report you hear saying that ISIS is in charge of the hack of Abdullah’s Twitter record is totally false.

In an email with AnonHQ News, S1ege of Ghost Squad Hacking Group said they “might want to elucidate we (GSH) have no backing for the Islamic State nor the association with some other Islamic Extremist terrorist groups or convictions.” Adding that “The Islamic State is one of Ghost Squad Hackers foes including the Taliban or whatever other terrorist association.”

Whenever inquired as to whether the gathering had anything to include about the U.S.- Afghan medication exchange, Se!ge clarified “Afghanistan government is in the USA pocket offering heroin from the poppy fields in Afghanistan, We know the Afghan government is intensely required in the medication exchange as much as the Taliban seems to be. The president of Afghanistan is fiscally degenerate as is the CEO. Phantom Squad Hackers won’t endure debasement in any structure. We see through the untruths and know their association with the U.S. Government.

Not long ago, President Obama marked a 1.1 billion dollar activity to “battle the champion pandemic in America.” Several different states all through the nation are autonomously attempting to pass their own variant of this bill on the state level and neighborhood level. As indicated by government measurements, since 2001, courageous woman-related passings in the United States have spiked more than 500%.

In 2001, the U.S. armed force attacked Afghanistan when the War on Terrorism started, and for reasons, unknown Afghanistan is in charge of 90% of the universe’s generation. See the association we are making here? Feel this is ‘only an occurrence’?

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