Happy Birthday to Jeremy Hammond #Anonymous Hacktivist!

Jeremy Hammond was Born on: January 8, 1985 (age 31), He’s and Hacker and Political Activist from Chicago. November 2013 He sentenced to US Federal Prison for hacking an intelligence firm Stratfor and Leaking to WikiLeaks. He’s also established his own website HackThisSite in 2003.
Read more about him on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremy_Hammond
He was guilty for Hacking into Strategic Servers an he was successful to download 5 million private email messages and 60,000 customer credit card numbers. Emails were provided to WikiLeaks but the stolen credit cards were used by Anonymous to Rack up $700k and donated to non-profit groups and organizations.
Hammond was only half way finished with his current project when he was ratted out and arrested. According to him, he was at the peak of his work with a full-fledged cyberattack on the way when authorities disrupted his endeavors. In an interview with America Tonight:

F*ck FBI Friday. It was only heating up by the time I was arrested.” Considering his incarceration a temporary inconvenience, he continued, “Something they can never take, our determination, our principles, our passions. These things are more valuable than a temporary loss of freedom.”

It has since become an annual tradition for activists to gather in downtown Austin every year to celebrate Hammond’s birthday by protesting the Stratfor intelligence company, though the CIA-affiliated Corporation has since relocated to an undisclosed location. This year protestors donned cat costumes in light of Hammond’s love of cats.

Source: http://anonhq.com/happy-birthday-to-anonymous-hacktivist-jeremy-hammond

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