Hidden Game in Google Chrome – You can Play Hidden Game in Google Chrome When your Offline


There is an Hidden Game in Google Chrome 

Today HackToday is here to Talk about Hidden Game Feature in Google Chrome, Google has Added an Endless runner game into Chrome Canary, in which you have to Survive by Jumping over the cacti, This game can be access able when your browser detects that your internet is offline, or you’re unable to connect to internet. Or whenever you see Error “ Unable to connect to Internet” This Error Page. It is totally hidden unless you know where it look.

This Hidden Game in Google Chrome was first spotted by Evangelist Francois Beaufort by Google open-source Chromium. In his First Post, he didn’t reveal anything about this thing.

Here is an Old Error Page Message " Unable to Connect to the Internet "

Old Error Google Chrome

And Now, Have a Look to new Error Page " Unable to Connect to the Internet "

New Google Chrome Error Message for Game


This didn’t look like this page having a Game inside of it :3 But yes it is having a Hidden Google Chrome Game inside of it, Do you want to Test the Game? Just Try Pressing the Space-Bar and Yet when you press the space bar, the T-Rex will immediately jump. The ground beneath him will extend to the right, and he’ll start running:

Hidden Google Chrome Game


This Game Might be small but this Rocks well!

The Google Chrome Hidden Game will track your Progress and count your high score, including pings of celebration upon every 100 points you make, But, your Score will not appear when you refresh the page again. But hopefully you’ll be reconnected by that point.

The Hidden Google Chrome Game is Classic Genre, one that has been recently on mobile devices. Google may have brought it over the desktop first, but we wouldn’t be surprised for this action it should have to work on all the versions of Chrome, including in iOS and Android Operating System.



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