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How To Appear Offline On Epic Games?

Nowadays, everybody is fond of playing offline games. Occasionally social networks urge us to play offline games. And sometimes we are not in the mood to respond to our playmates. Sigh! The sad reality is epic games store still needs an appear offline option for the amenity of users.

Epic Games is an incredible app store that offers its users a variety of online games. Do you also want to play offline without anyone getting informed about your active status? Don’t bother about it. In this post, you will get to know how to appear offline in epic games.

How To Hide Active Status In Epic Games?

With a heavy heart, it’s one of the bad features that epic games are stuck in offline mode. Epic Games offline mode is not working for some of the games and it’s disgusting for everyone. Epic games offer two statuses one is online and the other is epic games away status time.

When you are playing it will show your online active status and when not it will display the away status on your profile. The epic game hide game activity feature is still missing. But in this post, you will know about some tips and tricks to appear offline.

Browse On Your PC With Offline Mode

Are you searching for how to appear in offline mode on epic games? The answer is here, you can play offline. For this, you have to put your PC in offline mode. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Install the Epic Games application on your PC.
  2. Launch and login it on your PC.
  3. Press on your profile icon.
  4. Open the App Settings.
  5. Switch the Enable Offline Mode Browsing. How To Appear Offline On Epic Games
  6. Remove the network connection from your PC.
  7. Now you have to close the Epic Games application.
  8. Restart your PC and launch Epic Games.
  9. Log in to the app and you will be taken to offline mode.

Note: Many games will not have all the features in this mode. If you want all the features, play it in away mode.

Logout Of Epic Games

One more option for you to play offline games is to log out of the epic games launcher. With this feature, no progress of your game will be saved in epic games. Moreover, some multiplayer games do not offer epic game store offline mode.

  1. Launch the Epic Game application on your PC.
  2. Press on the profile icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Click on the Sign out option from the menu list.
  4. This will make you log out of epic games.

You can play the downloaded games. But let me tell you that you can not play games that require a sign-in option.

Set The Game Settings

Epic games’ invisible mode is still present in some specific games. You can enable it from the particular game settings. Here we are providing you with an idea of how you can go for epic games offline mode for a very well-known game “Fortnite.”

  1. Open the Epic Games store on your PC.
  2. Log in to it.
  3. Open the Fortnite game.
  4. Press on the three horizontal dots in the main menu bar.
  5. Press on your profile icon.
  6. Once here, change your Online Status to Away.
  7. Then set the Party Privacy to Private.
  8. Finally, edit Looking for Party to Off.


Can I temporarily Disable my account to play offline?

If you do this, you won’t be able to log in to your account until you make another account. So this will not be an option to appear offline in epic games.

How can I play all the games offline in the Epic Game store?

All the games don’t offer you this feature. Offline mode is available for some of the games. Moreover, you can only play downloaded games from your library if you switch to offline mode.


After knowing about all the pinpoints of how to appear offline in the Epic Games store, you will be able to play epic games conveniently. You can appear offline by browsing in offline mode on your PC. Moreover, you can change your game settings to offline mode.

All these recommendations are tested and experimented with by our team of professionals. These all methods are prudent and accessible to operate. You can rely on them. Hope so we have provided you with a better opinion and that you are satisfied with it.

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