How To Bypass Password Windows XP & Windows 7

In this article I will share a little of my experience when curiosity dominate the soul that is how we By Pass Password Windows XP and Windows 7.

Immediately, yes, prepare the equipment, here we use Hiren Boot V 10.6 and please download.

We only need one software application to assist our work, Hiren’s Boot 10.6 V or less have a 200MB size, light enough not? But do not ask again, there are many benefits. Guaranteed not to lose this 200MB download file

If it buddy download please Burn to CD Hirennya file, and follow these steps:

Restart the target computer and enter the BIOS.

Then the settings in the Boot Device Prioritynya change to CD, this is done because we want to boot via the CD Hiren earlier, if it were as shown below:


Still yard BIOS. Then insert the CD that has been in the Burn Hiren earlier, and then press F10 and ENTER.


After booting to the CD it will look like this:


Select “Kon Boot” in a way point on the Kon Boot and press Enter, wait a few seconds and will exit the display as shown below:



Wait a few seconds and can enter windows without password.

Congratulations you has successfully entered password windows without having to use a password to login

Maybe it was ahead of me, if there are any questions please comment on this article or contact me via facebook here.


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