How To Choose The Best Wireless Charger in 2022?

The wireless charger is the tool of the future. You can see big players in the tech industry slowly and subtly transitioning from cable chargers. One major sign of that happening can be the absence of chargers in leading smartphone brand’s boxes.

Although wireless chargers have been here for a decade now, they are not widespread. However, dynamics are changing now. More large tech firms are embracing it and making it more efficient.

So the question today is, How to choose the best wireless charger in 2022? Below are some of the pointers to look for in a wireless charger that may help you.


As we all know, more power means better performance. When it comes to fast charging, Power becomes more crucial. A wireless charger’s power is expressed in watts. Therefore, any wireless charger above 5 watts is regarded as a fast charger.

Many companies offer wireless chargers as high as 15 watts. However, before going for the highest-watt charger, you should make sure your device is compatible with it.  Moreover, with greater power comes greater heat. Make sure that your wireless charger is smart enough to manage that heat.


Whenever you are looking for a wireless charger, always make sure it is Qi certified. This certification means that the charger will be compatible with any device. If it is not certified, you will get lost while trying to find a compatible charger.

In layman’s terms, Qi is a standardized open interface protocol. Today, it is adopted by all manufacturers including leading brands like Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi. Plus, it is equipped with all safety features. It senses the temperature of the device and provides power accordingly. In this way, the battery gets protected.

Charging pod

There are two types of variations when it comes to wireless chargers. One is the flat charging pod while the other is at an angle to make your device stand upright.

You might be thinking that an angled pod will be better. As there were many utilities. One of them can be used as a stand to watch videos. Plus, it can also be used for video calling and in the kitchen for watching recipes from a distance. But, before making a decision, hold on!

It has also some downside as for tall phones sometimes charging cells do not align perfectly. This misalignment may result in slow charging or frequent disconnections. On the other hand, in a flat charging pod, there is no problem like that.

USB-C or Micro USB?

Even though the wireless charger claims to be wireless, that doesn’t mean that there is no wire involved. You still need to connect the wireless device to a power outlet. For that reason USB- C type is the best option.

Nowadays, even in smartphones, the C type is widespread for all good reasons. They provide better output than micro USB. Another benefit can be it is easily found anywhere. That will mean no problem even if you forget your cable at home.


Many brands in the market claim to be the best. However, my advice will be to go with reputable brands. As this is a delicate product and needs the highest efficiency while making.

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