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How to Fix Bluetooth Missing From Device Manager in Windows 11

Right now, Windows 11 is the most latest and advanced Windows available in the market. Bluetooth is more convenient and efficient than data cable. Since the launch of Windows 11, some people have complained about the Bluetooth option missing from the device manager. When that happens, many problems arise with it. Here, Fix Bluetooth missing issue in windows 11 now in no time.

So, today we are going to see How to fix Bluetooth missing from the device manager in windows 11. Here are some solutions that might help you.

Check Bluetooth adapter

Many devices come with Bluetooth options embedded in them. However, some PCs do not support the Bluetooth option. Therefore, you will need a Bluetooth adapter that is externally inserted into the USB port.

Before you start to apply other solutions, make sure that the hardware is working fine. To do that, insert that adapter into some other PC. If it is not working there, maybe the issue is with the adapter. Get a new one and see if your problems are solved. When you find the problem still there, read more to know about other solutions.

Enable Bluetooth support service.

When you set up Windows 11, the Bluetooth service gets enabled automatically. However, if you cannot find it in the device manager, maybe it never got enabled. To make sure that these services are enabled, First:

  • Search Services in the Start menu and open it.

  • Locate Bluetooth support services.

  • Check the statues. If it is stopped, click on start to enable it.

  • Restart your PC and see if the problem is there or not.

Check if the Bluetooth is hidden in the Device Manager

It might happen that deliberately or by mistake you have hidden the Bluetooth panel in the device manager. Whatever the reason might be, it is never a bad idea to confirm it. If it is the case, it might save you a lot of time and even service charges. To do that:

  • Search for Device Manager in the Start Menu.
  • Open the Device Manager and expand the panel above.
  • Locate Show hidden devices on it and click on it to enable it.

If you find the Bluetooth option now in the device manager then well and good. If not, proceed with the other solutions mentioned here.

Run System Troubleshoot

Instead of running here and there. Let the device troubleshoot the problem. In most cases it solves itself. However, when the problem is externally affected, in that case, the system tells you what the problem is. In this way, you can pinpoint the problem and direct the solution towards it.  To run the Troubleshoot:

  • Access the Setting from the Start Manu.
  • Locate the System panel on the left side.
  • Open the panel from there.

  • Click on it and select Other Troubleshoot from there.
  • Run the Troubleshoot that is specifically for Bluetooth.

Check for new updates

Most of the time, Microsoft itself launches updates to address certain glitches. On the other hand, there might be some new update for your Bluetooth that needs to be done for it to work. For this reason. Open Settings and Go to the Windows update panel from the left side.

If there is some new update, download it. After that, restart your PC to see if the problem is addressed. Most of the time, these types of problems get resolved with updates.


Sometimes the problem is not as easy as it seems. In this situation, rather than getting yourself on it might be counterproductive. Therefore, consult a professional so that there is no further damage to your device.

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