How To Install Kodi on Your iPhone without Jailbreaking

Here’s how you can install Kodi on your iPhone without Jailbreaking. It is possible to install Kodi on non-jailbroken devices. Although it is not easy as installing through Cydia. For that, we have posted an easy way for you to install Kodi on your iPhone without even Jailbreaking your device.

There are tons of tutorials available online which can help you install Kode on your iPhone without jailbreak, but those tutorials are very much useless for the majority of iPhone users. So for that, we thought to share our own!

How to Install Kodi on your iPhone using Windows?

Installing Kodi on your iPhone become a headache, especially if your device isn’t jailbroken because you can simply go to Cydia and install your required application. But for non-jailbroken users they have to go through a process to install kodi on their iPhones. And most of the tutorials include you require Mac OS, XCode to install Kodi. but we’ll share a simple way so you can install Kodi on your iPhone without Jailbreak using Windows.

First of all, you will need to download a couple of files on your PC. Doesn’t matter if you have, Windows, Mac or Linux, It works the same. I have listed all the files, programs, and hardware you will need for this tutorial to go smoothly.

  1. You will need iTunes installed on your PC, doesn’t have to be running. Just have to be installed.
  2. Lightning or 30-pin cable to connect your iOS device with PC.
  3. Un-signed Kodi file. Link here OR here OR here.
  4. Cydia Impactor for your Computer. This software is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. So no problems of having iOS app signer and XCode and all that stuff. Link here.

Install Kodi without jailbreak and XCode

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer, and make sure that it is turned ON.
  2. Once your computer detects your iOS device, you can proceed to next step. If iTunes or some other program pops up then close that first.
  3. Extract the Impactor zip file somewhere in your computer and Open Impactor.exe. Don’t select “Run as Administrator” for Cydia Impactor. 
  4. Make sure that your iOS device is detected by Cydia Impactor. Like in the image shown below, My iPad is detected by Cydia Impactor. 
  5. If there are multilple iOS devices in the list, select the one that you want to install Kodi on.
  6. After that Drag and drop the ipa file in Cydia Impactor. The ipa file you downloaded from the links given above. (If the links are not working then please comment below and I will update them, I hope my readers will help me making the mirrors.
  7. Now Cydia Impactor will ask you to Enter your Apple ID. Don’t worry, Cydia Impactor comes from /u/saurik who made Cydia. The program is as secure as it gets. Just in case if you don’t want to use your Apple ID, make a new one for this purpose. 
  8. Once you have entered Apple ID credentials, it will start signing the ipa file and will install it in your iPhone or iPad. This can take a couple of minutes so just grab your drink, sit back and relax.
  9. If you see any warnings while installation, just press OK. Basically it is saying that It may cause some hiccups in your workflow if you are Apple Developer, Which probably isn’t the case.

With in a couple of minutes you will see Kodi in your homescreen. You can not open it yet. To open Kodi, you will need to manually trust the developer certificate which is your own in this case. Go in Settings > General and right under the VPN, you will find “Profiles” , “Device management” OR “Profiles and Device management”

How to Install Kodi on your iPhone using Mac OS?

  1. Download the Kodi.deb file, the iOS App Signer, (save both to desktop) and make sure you have Xcode 7 installed.
  2. Connect your iOS device to your Mac, launch Xcode, create a new application, and give it a unique name like “Kodi” and an identifier.
  3. Under the Team drop down box, select your current team, or login with your Apple ID. If you see a button that says Fix, click it to resolve any provisioning profile issues.
  4. Minimize Xcode and launch iOS App Signer. Click browse and double click on the Kodi.deb file that you downloaded. Select the Signing Certificate and Provisioning Profile, and click Start. The Kodi.ipa file should be saved to your desktop.
  5. Open Xcode, and click Window in the menu bar and Select Devices.
  6. Select your iOS device from the list of devices, and click the + sign and select the Kodi.ipa file.
  7. The Kodi app should be built and deployed to your device.

Once you’re done with the process you can unplug your iPhone from your Mac start using the application which you just installed.

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