How to Join Anonymous Army ?

What to join Anonymous army ? So are you like expecting from me that i will tell you that enrollment forms are out to join The Anonymous ? No, No such news ! And you cannot join anonymous ! In fact no one can !
Anonymous is not an organization,not a club too,nor a party.Anonymous has no ideology,no gurus and no leaders too.
Anonymous are like people who are with each other for a small time to bring do a task,be it good thing or bad.But as soon as that task is complete those people may or may not be together.You can compare them to a group of people traveling small distance together just like the passengers of a bus.
How do people from Anonymous communicate ?
Anonymous are regarded both as Heroes or Villains of cyber world by person to person.And just like every other person members of anonymous also communicate via the social network-facebook,skype,yahoo etc.
How to recognize members of Anonymous ?
Members of Anonymous have no different characteristics.A person you meet or see everyday may be a member of anonymous and you have no idea about it.There is no age,sex,caste,country barrier to be a member of anonymous,anyone and everyone can be a member.All you require to be a member are – Skills !
During public appearances members of anonymous are often seen wearing Guy Fawkes Masks.
Is it Good or Bad to be a member of Anonymous ?

It is totally up to you ! If you are good you remain good being a member of anonymous too and vice verse !
Being associated with anonymous does not bring you any ”Bad” image as it is often misunderstood by people.
Anonymous group never asks it’s members for their personal information or identity proof.
How many Anonymous are there ?

There are many of them,more than we can think ! And as i had said,they are with each other for short time and they keep on adding every time they are together.

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