How to Register & Add Groups in

Hello Today, We are going to Register on Facebook Posting Service and How to Add Groups inside Poster.

1. First goto and Register your Account.

2. After you Register Click on Authorize and it will bring you a Message for Manually Approve Account by Admin.

How to Add Groups in Facebook Poster


For the Approval We have Change in rules to Approve, So you have to Make a Request to Admin of Poster.


Please Read here How to Get Approved?

Now how to Add Groups in Accounts After Approve?

Now after your accounts is Approved you will login and click on ” Add Groups from File

Now how to Add Groups in Accounts After Approve?

After your Click on ” Add Groups from File ” Open this URL :

You will have all of your Groups in this link±

Right Click and click on ” Save as ” and name it ” facebook.html ” After you Save your Groups in facebook.html file!

Now you have to Upload to Poster get back to Poster Window! And Click on Proceed. And it will ask you to select a file you downloaded and select facebook.html and upload. And let groups be uploaded to nulledcamp and wait for a while. Then you will have all your Groups inside your Poster Account!

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 02.01.33

Now you will have your Groups Loaded up!
Facebook Groups Poster


If you have Question ask on Forum!


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