How to Silence Messages on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

If you are using messages on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, then you probably know how quickly you can become overrun with message notifications, especially if you are part of a group message. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to mute specific messages so you’re not disturbed.

Large messages, especially if you are used in conjunction with re-directing the text on your Mac or iPad. It is especially useful for group messages. If you and your friends or family for the use of the iPhone, then anyone can chat freely, and the message will be grouped together, and you can reply to everyone as a group.

Unfortunately, if everyone in the group is responding to one another throughout the day, and the device quickly fill with a huge notifications. That said, you can easily assemble a mute or even individual letters using the Do Not Disturb function. I should point out that this is not the same as turning on the DND for your device, which will turn off notifications about everything in one fell swoop.

How to Silence Messages on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Muting Messages on iPhone or iPad

Turning on Do Not Disturb on your iPhone or iPad is a similar process, and will achieve the same result, and this means that you will still see that you have unread messages, but you will not receive any notifications.

To mute the subject of a message on the iOS device, first select the message in question and click on the “details” in the upper right corner. Once you details on the screen, scroll down, and then click Run (or off) the “Do Not Disturb” option.

How to Silence Messages on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Keep in mind that if you have a text guide and put on multiple devices, then you will have to turn Do Not Disturb on to the subject of the offending message on each machine. Therefore, if you are still a lot of messages on your other devices, and now you know why.

Muting Messages on Mac

If you are using a Mac and you want to mute the message of individual or group chat, you’ll first need to determine the topic in question and then click on the “details” in the upper right corner.

There is a window out and you’ll see options to interact with the recipients of the text, such as individually, FaceTime, or even contact them. Under this you will see a run “Do Not Disturb option.”


How to Silence Messages on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

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