How To Update And Fix Genuine Windows 7 Black Screen

How To Update And Fix Genuine Windows 7 Black Screen OS: OEM Win7 SP1 Ultimate I used had experienced reinstall several times because of genuine problems.Blogs and Internet forums have a lot of my visit to get information, but after I apply the results do not always match expectations. And if you use the tools and the way that has been suggested and have tested the Bloggers and neter should succeed but it did not happen on netbooks Samsung N148P mine, for example, when I use WinLoader result is always crashes, hank, BOOTMGR missing, etc. missing, corupt and the like.

My final use Chew WGA and the result is genuine Win7 I only lasted a few months alias is not genuine and permanent make my netbook OS ekspayer or black screen. After I try bereksperiment with my netbook that makes must reinstall beberapakali FINALLY I get a way to integrate multiple tools and succeed. Win7 Genuine permanent mine, there is no problem with the update online. Is it also managed to Win 7 on another brand laptop ?, the answer is I do not know for sure but I think it should be. Here is an explanation how the activation:


A. Preparation tools activation in need:

1. Win 7 Loader v217_2012 (this version that I use) .zip – 2 MB. Download here 

2. Chew-WGA_0.9 Win7_Patch.rar – 9 MB. Downlod  here

3. LiveBoot 2012 v.7.0.1 (download link available because the application does not limit upload, please googling) Key activation download here

4. Flashdisck or external memory min. 1GB

B. Steps before activation:

1. Install LiveBoot into the PC after the Burn to flashdisck or external memory. just follow the prompts for LiveBoot very easy to understand and operate.

LiveBoot very useful because if there is any thing that does not want the computer then this tool is very helpful to restore the original state. Has LiveBoot or similar tool is especially important for those who have a computer.

2. Do not forget to backup !!!!, Only Restore point or if necessary the backup image. Under no circumstances will your computer now, this should be done.

C. How Activation:

// For more details please download tutoriar illustrated here

1. Run Win7Loader v.2.1.7, the profile menu adjust its contents, on the need to add OEM menu and click update, the Advanced Options menu settings should not be changed, at first I had tried with different settings, but for me it’s not a netbook a lot of influence. Further back to the menu and click install after the installation is complete restart the computer.

Here is the problem I always encounter when using Win7Loader ie after the restart can not boot or can not loding OS alias hank or blank. If this occurs on your computer do not panic. Basically that is not normal bejalan / corupt / missing is the boot manager and the like, while all data, uninstall the application, partition etc in the laptop is still intact.

2. The solution is: Boot the computer through Flashdisck or external memory that we fill with LiveBoot earlier.

3. Enter the BIOS and initial boot settings to Flashdisck / external memory, there select the USB port that will be used and move into first place by using the F5 or F6 (each computer has a different bios settings button)

4. After setting the bios subsequent restart and you will go to the selection mode, boot through LiveBoot or Hardisck. of course select LiveBoot and let the process run then you will see on the screen windows version LiveBoot.

5. The purpose of the use LiveBoot here is to repair or restore the system boot crash because Win7Loader install. Even if this happens even further on our computer, with LiveBoot we could restor point, restor registry backup and restore the backup image that we have created. LiveBoot still have many other useful tools but here we are only going to improve system boot only. In the window below LiveBoot as select Windows Recovery

6. Next will appear a window like the one below and be sure to choose Boot Crash Solution at the RecoveryCenter.

7. Then Scroll down and look for Solution is there 4 groups with 5 way options (font color red) to restore the boot. In the case of missing or corupt on the boot can occur in some part, perhaps even crashes each computer has a different problem in the boot. Here I recommend using the first metod B: Boot File Recovery, click the letter they will be to run and follow the prompts after the scan process and returns finished walking boot file to restart the computer, and if when restarting Flashdisck / memory exsternal still installed on the computer make sure the boot mode options. choose a boot through hardisck

8. If after the restart and there are still no signs of returning to normal alias is still an error, go back to LiveBoot then select metod 3: Boot Sector Command, run it and follow the instructions after the scan and repair process is finished running restart the computer and make sure the boot through hardisck wait a while because the process is running a bit long after that you will again see a loading screen Win 7 you.

9. The final process: if it can get into your computer window select the Computer Properties and look down on the genuine status if there writing your Activation key is time to install the WGA Chew. Just follow the steps and restart the computer. Further re-open the Computer Properties and see the difference in genuine status.


Win 7 OS I use, ID: ….-OEM-8992662-00015 basically is specialized for Samsung which is automatically installed when we installed Win7 Loader.

So that I can share this time and it is only for educational purposes, the above explanation is not absolute because a lot of things that can influence and that is definitely what I have said above and the success that I can be based on experience and testing, I am not a specialist in this field, thanks.


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