How To Use WordPress Pretty Link Lite Plugin

WordPress Pretty Link Lite Plugin

One of the most amazing plugin and of WordPress world i am going to introduce you today is “Pretty Link Lite Plugin” . Even the developer has given has given it the name that itself is describing its functionality. The actual URL of link is replaced by another link which gives an effective look that visitors find it is an important corner. For example. usually companies and others marketing websites links might not be enough fascinating to make the users more interested to probe in.

Here is the solution that pretty links going to provide you that would enable you to modify the look in a way you have desired of.

Benefits of Pretty Link Lite Plugin:

Being a practical user of Pretty Plugin on my site, i would like to recommend all the market link holders to start learning and exploiting this plugin.

The pretty link that actually cloaks the original affiliated link gives us a beautified view that the  viewers start showing interests to go through it.

Steps for how to install Pretty Link Lite Plugin:

Step 1 :

Go to your dashboard, scroll down, you will find now plug in option, click on the plugin , then another window will be open infront of you.

Step 2 : 

To add an new plug in , for example, Pretty link, click on, “add new”. Another window will be open that contains many plugins. Search for the pretty link and click on “install now” . Once it is installed click on “activate plugin” you will automatically sent back to your drafting page So you installed Pretty link  and this plug in will be in the list of Dashboard.

Step 3 : 

Now click on this link and then new window will be opened contains “add a pretty link” suppose  tour link is looked like  if this link is converted to pretty link i.e through pretty link plugin in then isn’t it looking more professional and more vibrate to the viewers? offcourse just try it once !


Keep the redirection type as 307 (temporary)

Insert your (affiliate link) in the “Target URL field”

Create any name to beautify your target URL and write it down in the pretty link field.

There is no need to write in the tittle bank.


Step 4 :

You can also create the group of links, simply create a new group and give a name whatever you want. Uncheck the parameters forwarding and check  SEO options and check track hits on this link . then click on “create” , a new pretty link is created infront of you.


In this way you can create new affiliated link , line tracking and groups with a little more search  you can come to know how this link tracking works.

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