HUAWEI – Mobile Phone is in Worlds Top 3 Companies

At that time it had a great selling business feature phone. But latter on when Nokia became a part of Microsoft its business less down.
According to startegy Analytics Microsoft don’t play an important role in the World of smart phones. As a consequence Huawei left behind the Microsoft in market and became a third big Company.

HUAWEI sold 30.6 million mobile phones. that is 50% more as compare to previous year. Huawei now possed 7% marketing in market. Huawei is a great phone forming company after Apple and Samsung.
Microsoft sold 27.8% devices.
While in last year same Microsoft had sold 50.3 million devices in means Microsoft lost his half businesss. In a case of smart phones according to startegy analytical Apple sold 47.5 million hand set which is 35% more than the last year. And Samsung in last year as compare to its 3 to 4 years back sold 7% less smart phones however Samsung sold 71.9 million mobile phones which is great than apple.
That is the reason Apple sell less but expensive phones so it is expensive company and it is big one.

Same like that HUAWEI in refrence to smart phones left behind and became a Third big Company.huawei

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