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iPhone 11 Pro Max Allegedly Accessed By FBI With The Use Of GreyKey

The previous Forbes report states last year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was inclined to retrieve information from the recent and most protected iPhone 11 Pro Max with one of the black/grey market tools.

The 3rd-party cracking product called GreyKey was used by FBI agents in Ohio to extract information out of a secured iPhone 11 Pro Max. The owner of the phone pertained to Baris Ali Koch, who has been suspected using his passport and misleading to the officials of aiding his brother accused of hate crime to leave the country He is awaiting trial at this point.

As evidenced in the trial, on 11 October 2019, FBI officials confiscated Koch’s iPhone 11 Pro Max which, as said by his counsel, was secured and passcode-protected by Ameer Mabjis. No passcode has been issued to officials, according to Mabjis, nor was Koch pressured to use his face to access the phone via Face ID.

A search warrant put forwarded on October 30, 2019, shows that the FBI has in its custody a Flash drive holding the iPhone in concern “GrayKey derived forensic analysis.”

To those unfamiliar, GrayKey is an ios encryption device developed by Grayshift, an Atlanta-based company that supports law enforcement authorities across the globe crack codes on iPhones engaged in criminal cases for data extraction purposes.

Though not listed in the search warrant released on October 30, 2019, the report indicates that the FBI had direct exposure to GrayKey, which was allegedly used to decrypt Koch’s iPhone 11, Pro Max.

FBI forcing Apple to fully unlock its iPhone’s:

FBI recently requested Apple to crack two iPhones, iPhone 5 and iPhone 7, which belong to Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, a Pensacola Naval Base attacker who murdered three sailors and wounded others before being shot down by a cop. Both of these iPhone’s can be opened with hardware boxes like GrayKey that aren’t protected like-new iPhone’s.

When the FBI asked Apple to decrypt iPhones, the apple developer declined to crack the iPhones, saying it’s against the policy of the organization, and it would cause confidence problems across all iPhone users. A technology giant, though, supplied the FBI with a wide range of iPhone-related information and associated iCloud copies, account information, and multi-account transnational details.


The FBI has used the 3rd-party service in the meantime to open an iPhone 5C used by the 2015 San Bernardino killer. And with the latest FBI report, it’s obvious but using GrayKey, the FBI will unlock iPhones directly.


It is therefore shocking why the FBI and US government are pushing Apple to build a loophole for iPhone encryption.

President Donald Trump has posted how Apple refused to “unlock phones used by terrorists, drug lords, and other dangerous criminal groups” despite America supporting Apple on “TRADE.”

Apple was also suspected by Attorney General William Barr for denying aid to decrypt the iPhone. Barr demanded that Apple figure out a way to crack the Pensacola murder suspect’s encrypted iPhone’s.

In response to the allegations, Apple said in a comment to Cult of Mac, “our answers (to the federal governments) many demands since the attack has been prompt, comprehensive and continuing.”

“We always answered their queries immediately. The inquiries often led to a lot of gigabytes of knowledge that we provided to the investigators. We replied with all of the knowledge we had in any case.”

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