Kali Linux vs BackBox (Review)

Kali Linux vs BackBox

We published About Top Pentesting Operating Systems:- here’s the link!

  • Kali Linux
  • BackBox
  • BlackArch Linux
  • Knoppix STD
  • Pentoo
  • DEFT
  • Parrot
  • Samurai Web Testing Framework
  • Matriux Krypton  and more…..

What is your favorite distro lets us know in feed back or in comments.

Kali Linux

Kali Linux


  • OS Type: Linux
  • Based on: Debian
  • Version 1.0
  • Origin: USA
  • Architecture: i386, x86_64, ARM
  • Desktop: Gnome, KDE, XFCE

Most advanced penetration testing platform  have ever made. Available in 32 bit, 64 bit, and ARM flavors, as well as a number of specialized builds for many popular hardware platforms. Kali can always be updated to the newest version without the need for a new download.

BackBox Linux



  • OS Type: Linux
  • Based on: Debian, Ubuntu
  • Version 3.05
  • Origin: Italy
  • Architecture: i386, x86_64
  • Desktop: XFCE

To both black and white-hat hackers alike, Ubuntu-based BackBox needs little introduction; the popular network and systems security analysis toolkit includes a suite of ethical hacking and security testing tools for a wide array of purposes: web application analysis, network analysis, stress testing, vulnerability assessment, computer forensic analysis and exploitation, and more.


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