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Lavasoft Web Companion: What Is It and How To Uninstall It?

Unwanted Applications installed on your device mostly contain malicious bugs or viruses that cause harm to your device. One such application is Web Companion Lavasoft. It gets installed on your browser as an extension. Although it is not a virus, you do not have to keep it on your software to run it for a longer time.

In this article, we are going to give a comprehensive guide on what a Web Companion Lavasoft is, whether is it dangerous or whether should we remove it or not.

What is Lavasoft Web Companion?

Web companion Lavasoft is a software that is designed by the software development company, Adware which was previously known as Lavasoft. Its latest version is 2.1.1265.2535 with 54 per cent of the current installations.

Adware develops malware detection software for windows. Web companion is one of those that automatically gets installed on your browser as an extension the one such virus protection software is Adware Antivirus Software.

Lavasoft Claims that Web Companion is good spy detection software, however, there is a lot more to know about it.


  • The Web Companion as far as pros are concerned, offers security to web surfers from phishing scams, malware, spyware, and virus detection.
  • Moreover, it has figured out how to replace the well-known Ad-Aware Security Software beginning around 2014.


  • While getting virus protection, users may have to compromise on other major issues with this unwanted software as well. These may include web interruption and hacking, unwanted data tracking, or malicious and suspicious advertising.

Is Web Companion Dangerous?

Despite having the pros as protection software, it is still dangerous to keep it for a long time. The reasons are:

  • It involves the HTTP extension for its original website instead of the HTTPS. The older extension is set as an insecure extension on most browsers mainly Google Chrome.
  • It doesn’t support encrypted protocols for security as it is a free application.
  • Browser interruption is also the main reason, as it interferes with and replaces your browser settings. And it becomes difficult to renew the old one and get rid of it easily.
  • Web Companion’s EULA further gave a statement that Lavasoft can gather information about your OS including version, release date, etc.
  • Web Companion also interrupts application data including location, name, source, IP address, etc.

Is It Necessary to Disable Web Companion?

Considering the above facts on the bad history of Web Companion Lavasoft and the work it does as unwanted software, it is obligatory to disable it permanently. Moreover, to avoid any suspicious activity or changes on your browser, uninstall it as soon as possible.

How to Disable Web Companion?

To uninstall the web companion software, apply the following steps:

Method 1

  1. Go to Settings on your PC, and click on the Apps option under the Settings section.
  2. Open apps and click on the Web Companion.
  3. Now click Uninstall and then ok.
  4. Follow the instructions that pop up on the screen to delete it permanently.

Method 2

If you fail to delete through the above method, try the Safe Mode method to delete the Web companion

  1. Restart your PC.
  2. Press the F8 button when it is restarting.
  3. You will have an Advanced Boot Options menu.
  4. Click on it and select Safe Mode.
  5. Wait for the loading of Windows.
  6. Navigate to the Control Panel and click Uninstall.
  7. Click on Web Companion and remove it.

Note: It might be possible that you can not delete Web Companion through the above two methods. The reason is, that after installation, it runs on your browser as an Administrator. So, try an alternative method.

Method 3

Follow the Command Prompt method to permanently delete the Web Companion Lavasoft:

  1. Click on the Start Button Menu and type Command Prompt here.
  2. Go to the Command Prompt and select it to run as an Administrator.
  3. Type the following commands:
rd /S /Q "%WinDir%\System32\GroupPolicyUsers"
rd /S /Q "%WinDir%\System32\GroupPolicy"
gpupdate /force
  1. The policy will start updating and soon this software will be removed.

Method 4

If the above methods do not work, try this last one:

  1. Go to the following location on your Windows directory:

C:/Program Files (x86)

Note: If you are using a different installation directory for Windows, the above address may differ.

  1. Now click on the Lavasoft folder and simultaneously click the Shift + Delete button.
  2. Click “Yes” at the prompt.
  3. After that, click Windows + R, and a tab will open.
  4. Now, to open the registry editor, type “regedit”n the tab.
  5. Press simultaneously Ctrl + F and type Web Companion.
  6. Checkmark all three options of Keys, Values, and Data.
  7. Click the Ok option and the search will start.
  8. Now right-click on all the entries and select Delete for all.
  9. Restart your device and you are good to go.

Final Words

Whatever unwanted software is installed on your browser, make sure to delete it to not let it interrupt your personal data. If Web Companion Lavasoft has been installed on your web, then follow the above methods to disable this software permanently.

If you’re still unable to delete this software, you can also use the Restoro Repair Tool. This will scan your web and the corrupted data and optimize your system to the utmost performance.

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