Learn How To Create Instant Disposable Chatrooms With Hack.Chat

Do you want to create your own DOS style chatroom that destroys itself when the chat’s over? Try Hack.chat.

Go create a disposable hack.chat, you need to visit https://hack.chat/ and add a ? and a string of text to the URL. For example, https://hack.chat/?crazy-hacker will create a chat room named “crazy-hacker”. It then asks for your nickname, enter and you are ready to chat. You share your personal URL to anyone you want to talk to privately.

There are no channel lists kept anywhere, so random people won’t show up in your hack.chat. Formatting is possible with LaTeX markup, too. A chatroom can be disposed at any point after the completion of chat. We tried with crazy-hacker to verify the claim, and found that it works.

Creator Andrew Belt, a student at the University of Tennessee, promises that no message history is kept on the hack.chat servers, so random channel names can be created for purely private discussions without worrying about privacy.

Here are some channels hack.chat’s home page has for you to join and test out; just add the name to the URL https://hack.chat/



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