Like goodbye, the “Like” evolves: Facebook launches tomorrow Reactions

MENLO PARK – No longer just “like”, but six different emotions to express opinions on the status and Facebook comments. They will arrive tomorrow, first in Ireland and Spain and then, if the test run, all over the world.


Those who expected his thumb toward the “do not like” will have a lot more. The new social network called Reactions. Just hold down the button “like” to get a bar with seven icons. Besides the thumbs-up there will be a heart to express love and emoticons to express laughter, joy, shock, sadness and anger. A wide range of moods that the intent of Facebook comments will enrich and encourage the debate.

It will also be a way to measure the reactions to your status, a photo or a video. Under the post appear in fact a measuring of each icon.

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People go on Facebook to share a lot of things, they are happy, sad, provocative, shocking or funny. And we know that our users would like to have more ways to celebrate, commiserate and laugh together. This is why we want to test Reactions, a ‘extension’ like ‘, to give more opportunity to express a reaction to a post in a simple and fast, “said the product manager of Menlo Park, Chris Tosswell. Mark Zuckerberg had warned us.



A few weeks ago had revealed that his creation was working on an alternative icon to “like”.Everyone had thought the “dislike” but Zuckerberg himself had then stated: “I just wanted to build a button ‘do not like’ we do not want to turn Facebook into a forum where people vote yes or no to the posts of others. It is not the kind of community we want to create.

JOURNALISTS Travel in Facebook headquarters in Dublin , but in the future, if you really want to comment in a negative way, you can use the smiley face with red eyes squeezed (anger).And the next step would probably be the hug button, the icon of the embrace, the founder of the social network has previously aired.

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