Los Angeles Man Builds Tiny House For Homeless Woman, Starts A Movement

In April, Elvis Summers, 37, skipped on buying a little bit of food and paying couple of bills; spent about five days and $500 dollars, and constructed a 3½ by 8-foot mobile house for Irene ‘Smokie’ McGhee, a 60-year-old grandmother who ‘lived down the street’ and knocked at his door everyday to collect recyclables so she could go and exchange them for cash. He also gave her a cell phone so that she could contact him if she needed anything else.

“I felt so good. I was so relaxed. I think I must’ve slept half of the day,” Smokie told CBS Los Angeles.

Alves did not stop there. And it presented in video time-lapse between his home building for Smokie and share it on YouTube. More than 6.4 million people have watched so far. Also it began GoFundMe page “to build small houses for women, men and children, and the American Legion homeless and families who are homeless.” It brought him a small house, a huge purpose in the campaign more than $ 80,000.

“I’ve met a lot of people who are homeless, and good people. He said that since that was built in the Smokie, I’ve had many people ask me to make a small house and they turned it into much more than just one house you want to build.”

This Los Angeles man is on a mission – he has been working seven days a week to build a movement and more houses. He has started a nonprofit – Starting Human, and is working with the LAPD to find a government-owned lot where more tiny homes could be built for the city’s homeless.

“People are calling it a movement. I’m humbled. But now I can’t turn my back on it,” he said. According to Associated Press, contractors offered to help in the design of the small, wheeled structures; builders said they would donate materials, and chefs said they would bring food to the construction sites.



“[If] I have to do it alone ’til it’s done – build a small house at a time until there are no more homelessness – then that’s what I’ll do … a lot of people say they want to engage and they want help so I’m going to put it all together. he wants to be a volunteer and be part of it can come down and build houses with me, “Elvis PEOPLE. “They’re human beings like everyone else, I simply say to people:” The next time you encounter someone without shelter or asking for money, and take three minutes, stop and talk to them. “

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